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Surprise new translator for German Heavenletters

There was a pleasant surprise today when I logged into the German translations email account. There were a large number of German translations coming through from an unknown email account. They were also coming through in the perfect format with titles and content in the correct places.

Just as I was wondering who the new member of the Global Translators Circle of Expanding Light (!!!) was, I heard a beep from the email program saying new messages had arrived. Guess who wrote? Yup Theophil Balz, the divine soul who is a former social engineer for undeveloped countries, a classical musician and a translator of Neale Donald Walch's work! Theophil wrote asking if he could collaborate with us on the translating Heavenletters.

I've asked Theophil to register here on the site and I've sent him the link to this post as an invitation to introduce himself.

A huge warm welcome Theophil from the translators circle and the Heaven family!


A warm welcome/herzlich

A warm welcome/herzlich willkommen, Theophil!
I think that translating Heavenletters is one of the most valuable things one can do in the world today.

Greetings from Munich to wherever you are,

Yes, dear Jochen, I agree

Yes, dear Jochen, I agree with you .... translating Heavenletters belongs to one of the most valuable things one can do in the world today.

Do you think, Frau Claudia Kollender and her daughter will read this and will conclude "The best we can do, is, to form a team, finding us closer and closer, perceiving us closer and closer"?

Born in Southern Germany, I am living in the countryside and near the woods, the flowers and animals - between Osnabrueck and Bielefeld.

Be blessed, dear friend,

I have no way of knowing,

I have no way of knowing, Theophil. But great idea! I'd suggest you try to initiate such a teamwork. There are Stefan and Veronika too, translating Heavenletters into German. Might turn out to be an exciting experiment. Have a discussion with them here on the forum.

Love, Jochen

Beloved Theophil, most

Beloved Theophil, most assuredly Stefan and Claudia will be delighted to form a team with you!

I will send them your email address and you theirs. I just emailed you and forgot to include everyone's email.

God bless you.

Many thanks!

Love, Gloria

Great news ! If translating

Great news !

If translating Heavenletters is one of the most valuable things one can do, than it is surely still more valuable if there are two or three or even more who can do this. As long as we have the privilege to receive the original version, everyone of us can literally translate " ad infinitum" in number and in matter.

Lynn and Lizz and me came to the agreement to translate according to the last number ( pair or impair). Now I think a new agreement must be taken. It would be fine to translate every third HL. Any other suggestions?

Welcome dear Theophil, it seems to me that you are really a "translater-celebrity" among us!


Dearest angel Theophil,

Dearest angel Theophil, we´ve already met "in reality", haven´t we? And we have a lot of wonderful people which both of us know... and the number is increasing....

We contacted when we were busy with "Humanity´s Team", all these wonderful advantages concerning "Communication with God". It´s a great pleasure for me to meet you here again. There is no coincidence, and we still are a team, although we have not been active together. But I feel as if we were creating a spider´s web of Heavenly Messages without even knowing we were working on corporate growth....

I am looking forward to finding us closer and closer, watching you, Theophil, you, Stefan, and every other soul here in the Forum, expanding.... going beyond any borders.... I love all you are doing for us, Gloria, and you, Santhan, and I am very, very happy to be part of this community...

Love and light to all of you, we really are part of one big family, and that feels so comfortable and REAL. And heavenly...

Lynn Claudia

Yes indeed ~ what a lovely

Yes indeed ~ what a lovely surprise ~ welcome to our heavenly family Theophil.
I also share your love of the CWG material too!

All is coming together ~ so to speak!