Sunlight on Shadow

God said:

When you believe in Me, you believe more in yourself. Better yet, when you know Me, you know yourself better. We are quite alike except you let everything you think you know dissuade you from that idea.

You really think that Human being is a low form of life. You think Humans botch things, really. And when your thoughts travel there, then you think I botched things too.

You see the world fraught with illness, deception, foolishness, unkemptness, and even evil. But, look, you could just as well see the world with health, truth, intelligence, beauty, and love. Do they not exist? Do not your eyes also see them?

You will find most what you look for most.

If you have already seen the error of Human life, why do you keep looking for it? How many times a week do you go to see the Grand Canyon? And that is something wonderful to see, but you don't keep going back.

It is another thing if I ask you how many times you go to the corner store, for you do go many times. But you go with a purpose. You have something to pick up, something you want to find.

But what is the purpose in your looking at the mistakes in life? What is the purpose in generalizing?

You really do not need disasters to motivate you. Things do not have to be awful in order to get better. Do you have to see children hungry before you feed them? Do you have to make rubble before you pick up a piece of paper from the grass? Do you have to see need before you fill it?

Does there have to be illness before a cure is found?

Why does health have to be valued more after it is missing? Why not before?

If love were courted more than fear, what could possibly be lacking in the world?

But you cannot stop the hate in the world, you say.

But that is often just what the world tries to do. It tries to eliminate what it says it does not want, like war and poverty and so on.

When I created the universe, I put things in. That is what creating is. I took nothing away. I put everything in. I put you in without taking anything away from you. I did not try to make you more beautiful, for you were already beautiful as you were. If you were not beautiful, would I have given you dominion over the other beings of the earth?

When I created the sun, earth, and moon and stars, and the firmament, and every living thing, I saw it was good. There was nothing wrong with My vision then or now, but there is something wrong with yours.

Intention is more than intention. Intention creates a flow. If you will intend to see goodness more than lack of goodness, goodness will flow from the stream of your intention. Intention is not control. It is a form of letting go. Intention simply gives a falling bolt of cloth room to drape itself. It does not pleat it.

I do not ask you to be blind. I ask you to see. I ask you to focus more on the good than on the bad. Good exists. Be on the lookout for it. Nonsense exists, but good sense also exists. Courage and bravery exist in the midst of dismay. What is the profit in attending to the dismay? Why emphasize it?

Point out that which you want more of. Point it out more.

See how sunlight falls on shadow.