God's Existence

God said:

Even as I speak to you, even as you read My words, you sometimes wonder of My existence. You wonder if I exist, just as sometimes you wonder if you exist or if you and your acquaintances and your life are only a dream.

Separation is after all just a dream, but it is the dream you are in. It is your dream.

It is all through you. I come into your awareness, which you call existence, through you.

Because I am an intimate part of you does not mean that I do not exist. I am tapped into. You do tap into Me. I am far more than your thought, although I become conscious to you in your thought. You do not make Me up. I am the Reality. All else is but a dream, a configuration of My energy that slips into a third dimension of the physical on which you rely to a great extent, more than you have to.

You want us to be close, but that very closeness you consider as evidence of My nonexistence.

That there is no distance between Us does not mean that I do not exist. I do not have to be separate from you in order to exist. A thought is a thought, but a thought of Me is not ordinary. I am not like the thoughts in a dream. I am another realm of thought.

I exist everywhere all the time whether I exist in your thought or not. Whether you think of Me or not, whatever you think of Me, I exist, and you would not be capable of thought without My existence. You come from Me. You are My thought delivered to earth. I am not dependent upon your thought. You are dependent upon YOUR thought.

Consider Me like air. Air is. Some can avail themselves of Me more readily than others. Some can breathe in God more easily. To that extent, continuing the comparison of air, you can say that the air is thinner in some places than others. You can say there is more oxygen here or there. You can say that.

But when it comes to Me, it is all the same. I am the same everywhere. A difference perceived is only in perception — or reception. Your accessibility to Me is more or less dependent upon your perception, and your perception is based on what? your thought. You perceive that which you allow yourself to perceive. You can let in a little of Me or a lot. Regardless of what you let in to your awareness, there is a lot of Me. Only a lot. Only All.

I am not more existent in one location or another. Surely I am not limited by geography. Wherever you are now, at the top of a mountain or in a hole you've dug, I am totally with you, no more, no less. And I am within your reach.

Now you wonder about the experience some have of My appearance before them all at once in a thunder flash. They were not even thinking of Me when all of a sudden, I appear in bright light — as if I come to them unbidden — and then, happily, they are never the same again. They are enlightened because I appeared and knighted them in one fell swoop, so it seems. And you would like Me to appear to you like that. You would like Me to be irrefutable.

Someone else did not even reach out to Me, and I appeared before them, and you wonder why them, and not you. You have reached out to Me enough, and you think I have left you standing alone on the street corner in the rain, waiting for Me. And why, you cry out, would I appear to one and not another? Why would I not appear to you?

But I am always around. If I appeared to someone else, perhaps even to someone else apparently less deserving than you, it is nevertheless they who saw me! We can say that they appeared Me. They saw through the haze to where I already was, where I always was.

Insights come like that, do they not? All the clues were there all the time, but in one seeming instance, you see something that was there all along, and you wonder why you didn't see it before.

Seeking Me is wonderful. Consider your seeking a great gift I give to you. Seek Me, but not too hard. Seek Me, but your life does not depend upon your finding Me. I am already here. I already found you. It is not your life before God or your life after God. Before or after your recognition perhaps, but recognition does not change the Reality any more than nonrecognition does. I am a part of you, and I am a great part of you. I am not greater outside you than within. I am not greater in anyone else than in you.

Believe Me, I do not give Myself more to one than another. That is impossible for Me, to give more love to one than another. But, based on physical evidence, this is hard for you to accept.

But, for the moment, never mind about others. I am talking to you. Will you let in My love for you? Will you allow Me to be integrated into your life?