The Good Waiter

God said:

Neutrality and ego do not coexist. That is the meaning of being in the world but not of the world.

When your ego is involved, you sputter. When you stay intact, when you are immersed in your wholeness, you are neutral. When you are neutral, you participate, but you do not become overwrought or submerged in the events. Neutral is not indifferent, and it is not objective because objective implies a remoteness. Neutrality is being present but not swept up.

Many times you have yearned to be swept up. You want to be carried away. You want ego to sweep you off your feet. You want to be caught in a torrent of events. You want to play high drama.

Getting caught up in events is playing a part less than your own. Not more, less. Getting embroiled in affairs is not the forgetting yourself through which you find yourself.

Throwing yourself into things is not service. Service is another thing. Consider a good waiter. He is quick, but he doesn't run. He takes care that you get what you order and he serves you properly. He pays attention to you. He cares, but he is not the cook and he is not the diner. He cares, but he never forgets that he is the waiter. He is not self-centered nor self-serving. He serves you. Good service is neutral. That does not mean careless or without caring. Good service is careful.

How does this apply to your life?

Take time to learn your trade. And your trade is that of Human being. Above all, you are an agent of God called Human being. At the same time the good waiter works for the restaurant owner, he serves you. And, the same, as you work for Me, you take your place in the world and give service to it. You do not become lost in the world.

You are unquestionably a teacher in the world. Consider what you teach. You do not want to teach limitation. You do not want to teach ego. You do not want to teach sufferance. You want to teach vision. You want to teach the process of vision.

And you want to teach how to give, how to love, how to exercise My Will across the universe. How to create. How to immerse in life without drowning. How to expand horizons for yourself and for others. How to breach the nonexistent breach.

I teach you here with words, but you teach silently.

The good waiter does not explain what he is doing. He gives good service. Good service is what and how he teaches. Good waiting the waiter teaches.

Listen with your heart and not your mind, and you will be teaching good listening.

Explanation comes from the mind and not the heart. The heart embraces as one heart to another. It embraces the other's being. It embraces the other's right to be and to be here and to be here now.

What do you wish to teach yourself today?

Patience? Patience is not the opposite of impatience. Patience is broader vision. It is not an effort of will. When you see far enough, you are patient. When you see only close-up, you are impatient.

Neutrality is patient. It knows not rush. It knows not slowness. It is out of the time dimension. It is not caught up in time.

Ego is impatient. It is in a hurry because it races to beat time, and ego races a shadow it can never catch.