God's Light on Earth

God said:

At the beginning of creation, at its onset, the onset of manifested creation, when energy became physical, I said, "Let there be light." And I made you in My light. I made you a sun in the world to light it. I made many suns to beacon at each other. I made you a sun to light up the other suns. All I have ever made is light, but My light formed became differentiated, became physical, became dense, and sometimes the light I made you of became shaded and sometimes not seen at all.

But don't concern yourself with being My light and radiating My light. Perhaps put your attention on seeing My light in others, and then, so easily, without deliberate intent, you will begin to see the light shining out from you. Do not be afraid to look for My light issuing from others' eyes. You will not be less in comparison.

You are the waves of the Ocean, and I am the Ocean. All the waves, all so connected, so much one, are also the Ocean. One wave depends upon the other, but they are all based on the solid Ocean from which their movement and vibration come. From where else did you come if not from the Ocean. A wave does not create itself. Even a mighty wave does not.

Whose light do you shine if not Mine? What particles could you be made of had I not bequeathed them?

Who gave you voice? Do you really think you strum your own vocal chords? Do you really think you are the inceptor of you?

From where did music come?

And what is art but a testament to Me, the Artist of All? What colors are not from My palette? Show Me one. Show Me one I did not create. Who mixed them and put them in little tin boxes or jars for you to pick up off the shelves of the universe if I did not?

Who gave your arm back-and-forth movement to give and to receive so that giving and receiving can be known as one act?

Who gave your heart instruction to beat? Who lovingly crafted every molecule of you?

Who fostered you?

From where does all love come if not from Me? No one creates it or absconds with it. It is all Mine, given to be shared, given to be spent, given to be received.

In Whose image could you be if not Mine?

And where could you be going if not to Me? What path does not lead to Me? There is nowhere else to go but to Me. There is no one else to go with but with Me. Where you are from is where you are, and you only think you go to it.

I am ever awake in you. I am ever stirring you. I am ever glistening you. I am ever calling you. My Voice is sweet.

You are like the baby learning to walk. The first step seems momentous, but all steps are the same.

Before walking, you had already come to Me. Once walking, you walk to where you already are. All movement is towards Me. Back and forth towards Me. You cannot help it. You may try to go your own way, but you are inevitably pulled to Me. I pull you to Me. But the pulling is also of your own volition.

We made a pact, you and I, that you would venture forth in the world, and, further, that you would come to Me, and that you would bring Me to the world. Do you see that there is no difference in what direction? There is only one direction, and it is Ours. And you are here. And I am here, and all are here. There is no there. There is only here where We are, All of Us together.