He Who Serves

God said:

It has been said: He who serves the least of Me serves Me best.

That sounds good, but it is only half true. What is untrue is that there is a least. But, of course, in the eyes of the world, there is always a least. The world demands a least so that it can conjure a more. The so-called lowly or unfortunate exist so that others can feel sturdier. If someone else is down, then you can only be up.

Because man's sense of self-worth is blunted, he creates another opposite to him in his thought. He creates a lower in order to raise his image higher. So, one is seemingly down so another can be seemingly up.

Those who are down serve mankind very well.

If there were not beggars, would the concept bountiful exist?

If there were not unrighteous, would righteousness be recognized?

If there were not lepers, where would pristineness be?

If there were not dearth, how could there be plenty?

If there were not the concept of Hell, to the eyes of the world, would Heaven exist?

The world uses contrast and comparison in order to think it knows itself. In reality, all is beyond compare.

And yet the man of the world who can serve Me through serving those the world sees as least indeed serves Me well because he goes beyond illusion. Not with flinching, but with My vision he serves because he sees the God-given Human-beating heart amidst the clutter.

You do not have to leave your life and take up another. You do not have to give away your worldly goods and stomp on them. You do not have to become a missionary or a healer or a saint. Keep your present life, but look out from it with a grander sweep.

Know that you have a calling, however. Clear your vision. Everyone has the calling to look everyone in the eye and recognize the Godness there. No matter how well-hidden, it is for you to see it. Let Me see through your eyes so that I may be seen.

Now, the so-called lower also often have a hard time recognizing the soul within the so-called higher. They are put off by the surface as well. Perhaps they see smugness, and cannot see beyond that surface.

To love one another means to see one another. Love is not an add-on. It is not something you perpetuate. You do not assume love.

So you must see one another. You must see beyond the bluster or contempt. You must see.

That which you see as despicable is your judgment of someone you perceive as less fortunate than you. How do you know that they are? How do you know the heart of another and what is contained within it? You don't even know your own heart.

Two people look at each other, and each thinks he is superior. Each thinks he knows more, has suffered more or vanquished more. What are your criteria?

Have none. Criteria are preconceived ideas. Standards are lines drawn. Draw no lines.

Each soul who appears before you appears before you at My bidding. Each bears a gift from Me for you. As you pluck an apple from a tree, so pluck the message that each bearer brings you. Reach up for it. And then everything is transformed. Then you are transformed.

You wait for something to happen. You wait for something to change. It is you who is to happen. It is you who is to change your point of view, which is your way of looking. Today look up. Look up at Me, and look across at everyone you meet and recognize your Oneness. There really is no looking across. There is only looking within, for you are the seer. You are the decider of what you see. See greater, and you come closer to My vision. I offer you My vision today so that you may offer it to all who thirst for it. And all on earth thirst for it, for within the framework of difference, all are equal, all are alike.