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The Sun in Virgo

Dear Friends,
How is everybody in Heavenletters? It's been quite some time since I've called, not because I am no longer interested - of course, I am - but I've been extremely busy with personal matters.

Now, my news today is sure to bring a smile to the fact of those who are interested in astrology, especially those whose Sun is in Virgo. Many happy returns of the day!

Lots of love to you all - Aquarius

Aquarius, I checked your

Aquarius, I checked your website and your article on "Sun in Virgo" and found it most interesting, enlightening, comprehensive and so true in so many ways! See, we have three children with Sun in Virgo and I did recognize so much of what you said about them. Although they are in the same sign (Aug. 30, Sept.1 and Sept.5), they have quite different personalities and yet, each one a beautiful soul in their own way. Tomorrow, we will celebrate their combined birthdays.

Once on your website, I was drawn to so much of your writing that it was hard for me to stop. There is such wealth of insight and wisdom that I resonate to! You are a big beam of LIGHT in this world.

Glad you are back in the Heavenletters family!

Thank you, Xenia, for your

Thank you, Xenia, for your kind and loving words.

Let there be love and understanding among us;
Let peace and friendship be our shelter from life’s storms.
Eternal God, help us to walk with good companions,
To live with hope in our hearts
And Eternity in our thoughts,
That we may lie down in peace and rise up every day,
To find our hearts waiting to do Thy will.


With Love and Light,