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God responds lawsuit

Someone just pointed out these news to me:

For a moment I thought that maybe somebody placed a Heavenletter on the lawyer's desk.

The ways of the Lord are infinite!

This is fabulous, Paula. I

This is fabulous, Paula. I have been trying to post a quotation from Heavenletters in response, but it keeps saying the Publish button is turned off so everyone can post. I'll try again soon.

Many thanks!

God's Heavenletter post made

God's Heavenletter post made it Gloria! and for good measure, even twice!

Thanks Paula for calling our attention to the article and responses. I think it is hilarious :big . God in the News. Will he be interviewed by Larry King on CNN next?

Dear Paula, thanks for this

Dear Paula,
thanks for this amazing posting !! Indeed how could we not think of a Heavenletter ?
Well, God speaks to all of us all the time...