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Subscription threads

Hi Santhan!

Are you able to tell me, if I have accidentally switched these off?

I haven't had updates for ages!
I just click on each comment to see if I need to reply to anyone!

I have often subscribed to things, but I never get a thread sent to me.
I am sure that it is something silly that I have, or have not, done!?!

Any help would be very most gratefully received

Thanks SAS

Love Mary

PS See it's not just you Gloria!


Dear Mary, I have made the

Dear Mary,

I have made the same observation: click on 'Subscribe' and no notifications of replies in my e-mail box for quite some time. I'm sure, we two, are not the only ones.

Just checked my profile. In 'Subscriptions' I clicked on 'Settings' and there, were three spaces that needed to be ticked off:

  1. How often
  2. Updates

Of course, it was important to 'Save'

Let's see, if that makes a difference. Then, Santhan or the other Tech-Angels are off the hook.


P.S. Make also sure, that you are Loged-in. It has happened to me, that when I moved to 'Heavenletter Forums', I had to Log-in again to see what was new.

Hi Xenia! I'm glad it's not

Hi Xenia!

I'm glad it's not just me!

I have already done the things you suggested, but I still got no emails.
I have just checked them again, and they are still as they should be (as far as I'm aware that is),
and yes I am usually logged in when here!
Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

Love Mary


Mary wrote today: "PS Have

Mary wrote today:

"PS Have you managed to get any subscription threads through yet? I still don't get them!?!
The last ones I received were in early December!"

Dear Mary,

I haven't managed to get any subscription threads through either. Yet, I think I ticked off any possible space that I could think of.

Are we missing something? ;) Are we two, the only ones having this question? :?
Hope a solution or answer comes soon. 8)

Take care,

Hey Santhan ~ where are

Hey Santhan ~ where are you?
We need your help Beloved tech angel!

M :)

Looks like subscriptions

Looks like subscriptions have gone awol again...hence the delayed response ;)

I'm having a look at this now.

One Love

testing subscriptions

testing subscriptions

one more test

one more test

testing reply

testing reply

Here we go with another

Here we go with another test.

New comment for testing

New comment for testing

a reply to your comment

a reply to your comment mauro

Dear Mary, This should be

Dear Mary,

This should be working fine now. You may have to reset your subscription options under "My account" and below each post you will notice a "Subscribe" link which will allow subscriptions per forum topic .

One Love


Thanks Santhan! I have

Thanks Santhan!

I have checked the subscription page in my account and ticked to subscribe to this post, so we shall see!

Thanks a millon for all you do!

Love Mary


Heaven Admin, you must know

Heaven Admin, you must know my gratitude, and yet I keep asking you for more. And you keep responding so kindly.

All the posts are dear to me, and I want to see them all.

When I pressed My Account on the right margin, it led me to two boxes only to check. I did not find a whole list as before. Is this how it is now, or something I didn't do right.

I have started to receive some notifications again.

As best I can tell, I do not receive notifications about the serious posts under the Heavenletters themselves where I'm guessing the person pressed the Add Comment link at the end of the text of the Heavenletter.

Also, beloved Heaven Admin, I do not seem to see these most important comments on the Community List.

Neither Jochen's nor Jim Keller's posts under today's Heavenletter show.

Many of these are from people who are posting for the first time. Is there a way for these to be seen on the list?

Testing subscriptions

Testing subscriptions

One more test to make sure!

One more test to make sure!

Go to -> My account ->

Go to -> My account -> Subscriptions -> Content types
From the list, select -> "Heaven Letters" and "on comments" -> Save

Gloria, you have editor permissions on this website, so if you look under the Admin Tools menu, you will see "Recent Comments" and "Recent Site Content" links. These will give you a neat organised summary of all recent activity within the community.

Si, muchas gracias, Senor. I

Si, muchas gracias, Senor. I am learning a lot.

Beloved Heaven Admin, por favor, is there a way that comments under the Heavenletters themselves can show for everyone? Jochen and Jim Keller made some great comments, and who will see their comments since they're not listed etc.

This morning the comments

This morning the comments under Heavenletters themselves are showing! Very wonderful!
Gracias, Heaven Admin.

Yes, but I still find that

Yes, but I still find that the first comment only appears when a second one is posted. Just to mention it. No complaint. Who would even think of complaining when 99% of what I really need is working just beautifully? Jochen

The comments under

The comments under Heavenletters do show for everyone. It is only when a reader, who is not logged in, submits a comment, that the comment goes into a moderation list. Comments in moderation will appear only when and moderator has published them. Gloria is this what you are asking about?

Jochen, perhaps the first comment appeared only after it was published and was unrelated to the posting of the second comment.

Oceans of Love

Beloved Heaven Admin, unless

Beloved Heaven Admin, unless it's really changed, the first comment under a Heavenletter doesn't show until there is a second comment.

Under yesterday's Heavenletter, I believe neither of the first two comments showed.

The comments under Heavenletters, again as best I can tell, do not have notifications. Perhaps that is really not possible to do because every day there is a new Heavenletter.

I think the solution may be for all of us to post more under the actual Heavenletter, and I'm going to do that too.

God bless you and enormous gratitude for all you so patiently and kindly do for us.

More info... As with all

More info...
As with all links on this website apart from the navigation menus, underlined links mean that you have not been there before. When a link does not have an underline, it means you've visited it.

On the "Recent Site Content" link, you may filter the list by different content types. Eg: You may filter the list to show only Heavenletter that were added to the site recently. On this list you will see many Spanish language Heavenletters that are added by Cecilia daily.

Hey Santhan ~ it's working

Hey Santhan ~ it's working again!!! :big

I just got my very first subscription thread through since early December! :thumbup:

Well done SAS!!!





Me a deluge of notifications in my mail! :thumbup:

Thank you Santhan and helpers! :big