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hey all

this is mike aka at1ment or is it at1ment aka mike :) anyhew, i was wondering how i might be able to get into and view the posting Filled to the Hilt 'cause i wanted to be able to say thanks to mary for her stopping by and saying hi...i tried hitting refresh but what keeps coming up is this
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare timer_start() in /home/mojah/domains/ on line 116

thanks for your love and time...mike:)

Mike, one thing that is hard

Mike, one thing that is hard for me is when I call customer service and they say something like:"Well, no one is having this difficulty!" And now that's what I'm saying to you!

Forgive me, I did get in!

You sure know how to maneuver on this forum so it's no lack of skill on your part. Maybe the forum was down, and it's okay now. The only thing I would know to do is to reboot and try again.

Let us know!

By the way, did you see about the poetry contest?

actually yes, thanks a bunch

actually yes, thanks a bunch Gloria...not just for this but everything! many smiles and hugs of love to you :) beat me to the punch...i was just getting ready to reply that i was able to get in...i figured your tech wiz's fixed it in a pinch...which could be the case...either way...thanks...a great weekend for you and all here on this heavensent site...mike:)

Oh my... Thanks to Gloria a

Oh my...

Thanks to Gloria a bunch
As she beat you to the punch
Tech wiz fixed it in a pinch
Oh Mike what a cinch!?!

Isn't LIfe grand!?!



Your a trip in grandest

Your a trip in grandest sense, Mary...the way you write so nice and easy, so light and breezy, the way you live, reminds us that it's the living of life, brightly, that's really the cinch :)'s because of your Heart...mike

and now though i can't once again get in to see your comment in Filled To The Hilt...It Is'll work another's to remind me of this...that though everything doesn't always goes as planned, it's still, all according to Plan :)

eeeeeeeeeeeee Have to



Have to make haste slowly now Mike
'Cos my dinner smells like it's done
So I'm gonna trip the Light fantastic
And I'll see you later my son

PS Why don't you email the page to yourself?
It'll come through filled to the hilt with all that you desire!

luv ya




hmmmm...verry...verry...iiiinteresting...i give it a try...tanx...mike

Bright and breezy Yes that's

Bright and breezy
Yes that's me
Filled with Love
And totally free

Free as a bird
And high as a kite
The Love of God's
My joy and delight

Joyful and bouncey
Just like a ball
That's what happens
When you're One with All

For God Is Love
SHe's joyous and free
Totally boundless
Just like the sea

Rising in waves
Of joy and delight
Tumbling and playing
Eternally bright

"Let there be laughter"
It's good for the Soul
For Love Joy and laughter
Connect to The Whole

Life Is amazing
Once you decide
To go with the flow
And in Joy to abide

For Joy Is The Essence
Of All That There Is
You simply decide
To live in Pure Bliss

(This 'came' after my dinner!)



glad that's the only thing

glad that's the only thing that came up after din...sorry, i have a dry sense of humor that's perhaps not always totally appropriate...just playin...all in good fun...really though hun, and i'm not fond of that term 'hun" but it rhymes...this writing here of yours would "win" hands down, no doubt...a piece of perfection...a Master-piece...mike

Oooh ~ I've only just seen


Oooh ~ I've only just seen this BM!

...and there's absolutely no need to apologise!

Has it not been said: "Let there be laughter"!?!


...and Master & pupil ALL are we
Within this wondrous Divine Sea
I am you and you are me
We are One eternally


Mike, I am wrestling with

Mike, I am wrestling with this "fatal error" thing sometimes too. Most of the time it's gone the next day but sometimes, if I keep my computer on standby overnight, it is not. My browser has a function called "empty cache" (don't know what it's for) and when I empty that cache and perhaps additionally close and re-open the browser, I usually have access again.

Friends, Just to let you


Just to let you know that this is an error on our side, that we have been working to resolve for quite some time now. f5 usually will fix this. There is an idea as to what causes this error, however the solution is not available at present as it requires us to move the mailing program to another server.


Thanks bunches

Thanks bunches Santhan...i'll def give that magical f5 a try...everyone's better off the tech ?'s and comp probs aren't left up to me...'cause a wiz i'm not, it's def not as simple as a-b-c...easy for U, deeefficult for me:)

...well I think you're a wiz

...well I think you're a wiz BM,
I mean you're so clever being able to speak all of these foreign languages ~
I have trouble understanding what you write sometimes!


naaah, SM...though i

naaah, SM...though i appreciate your kind way...just a bit silly and cooky and funky is all...i do like to play w the spoken or written word though...and p.s. by the way to give it away, and this just shows i watch too many shows...the supercalafragilisticexpialadocious comes from chitty-chitty bang-bang...i think:) or was it mary poppins...naah, couldn't be...i don't even remember even seeing that completely...anyhew, a most blessed day or night to you and all...mike:)

I just like to play 'period'

I just like to play 'period' ~ as you all say 'over there'!!!