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Spirit Being Human Center In Argentina

Blessings and greetings to everyone around the world:) I emailed Heaven-letters, as I saw an article about the Spirit Being Human Center, based in Argentina, South America.

I would like to share this email I sent to the lovely Gloria, as I hope this reaches out to everyone who has felt a calling to be part of a Eco-Spiritual community in South America. it inspired me on such a deep level to know that my dream, and this amazing project is becoming a REALITY! *Big Smiles* this is a great news as its a brilliant time to manifest our dreams into reality on mother earth.

The Letter
My name is Anna, 34 from the UK, and i have been guided for several months to find a spiritual eco community in Argentina, and after some research, i found your article on the Spirit Being Human Center in
Argentina. Please could you be kind enough to let me know who i can contact about being a part of the development and community? I am ascending at a rapid rate, and i really need to be around others who are going through the same, as 3 dimensional reality is quite lonely with all the changes that are happening. Lots of love, and thanks for keeping an open mind Anna x

Dear Anna,Aloha! Welcome to

Dear Anna,

Aloha! Welcome to Heavenletters. Thank you for posting your message here. You're right! It is a brilliant time.

Here's what's been happening since the article.

What was once called Spirit Being Human is now called CommuniTree ™. A small group has formed and have started once a week meetings to roll out the vision and purpose of the project. You're welcome to participate. See below for some excerpts of the content about CommuniTree that the group has created.

I recently visited some land close by (Capilla del Monte, Argentina) that feels like the ideal place to start a community. The land already has a fair amount of infrastructure (buildings, irrigation, plumbing, year round water etc.) and parrots! And stink bugs! I stepped on one of them while helping a friend move stuff. I now know why they're called stink bugs.

There is a deep deep silence that radiates from this land, which is addictive. It so happens that the land is up for sale and that nobody is living on it. In many ways the land is ideal space for a group to build a community.

Now here's some of the draft content that's being worked on. Comments are welcome from everyone!

CommuniTree ™

Spiritual Sustainable Communities Creating and Sustaining Heaven on Earth


We envision a peaceful, free world where love reigns supreme; where man and all creatures live in harmony with Mother Earth; where our expansive network of community stewards, guides our world into the future; where diversity is celebrated and differences are united by our love for God, our common vision and shared values.

CommuniTree is the pioneer movement towards a richer, freer and more meaningful way of life on Earth for all People.

Mission & Purpose

  • Giving practical tools and guidelines for creating communities
  • Bringing together people to create communities
  • Initiating, leading and growing new communities
  • Sharing knowledge & skills on sustainable community living
  • Healing ecosystems and bringing the Earth back to it’s full natural beauty
  • Creating environments for healthy loving relationships and family living where children can enter into a safe world and those who are leaving can do so in dignity.
  • Forming strong connections between communities by creating a higher conscious, independent system of trade and resource sharing
  • celebrating diversity and richness of different cultures by providing channels through which people and their culture may flow through the different communities (like the sap of a tree) around the world.
  • Ensuring the continuity and sustenance of all communities that form CommuniTree
  • CommuniTree offers a user-friendly free website that:
    • is a tool for groups to communicate and manage the creation of a new community
    • a wiki for organizing and sharing knowledge and information on creating sustainable communities
    • a networking tool where members may create a profile and provide valid references for visiting, creating and entering communities

What is CommuniTree?

CommuniTree is a worldwide network of spiritually-based sustainable communities that offers an extraordinarily healthy, meaningful, and connected way of living.

Why are you creating CommuniTree? What is the point of CommuniTree?

Why does a seed sprout? Why does a flower bloom? Why does a bud form? The seed, the bud and the flower answer to an inner calling, which produces a change of season.

CommuniTree has arisen in answer to the collective desire from the hearts of people, offering itself as a powerful platform for accelerated change.

CommuniTree is a way of living on Earth that is more sacred, more connected, more sustainable and a whole lot more enjoyable!

CommuniTree signals a new season for Humanity. CommuniTree is a response to the whisper from the heart of every being.

Really, it is your desire that is creating CommuniTree.

What do you mean by Spirituality?

Spirituality in CommuniTree is alive, open, and innocent. Spirituality in CommuniTree is like when you have a chocolate chip cookie and share it with a good friend.

What do you mean by sustainable?

Sustainability is simply giving back what we have taken. It is replacing what we have used. It is leaving a part of ourselves behind. When we cut down a tree, why not plant another in its place? Sustainability shows awareness of those who come after us. It is only right.

Sustainability is good manners. It is poor manners to leave a place a mess. It is exquisite manners to leave a place better than we found it.

Sustainability is simple, natural, and thoughtful. When we pick a grape from the vine, we can spit out the grape seeds! What is so hard about that?

Why Tree in CommuniTree?

A branching tree is the perfect symbol to communicate the concept of a global network of diverse and united spiritual sustainable communities.

A tree symbolically connects Heaven and Earth.

A tree’s energy flows through all of its branches, leaves, fruit and flowers, symbolizing a union.

A tree symbolizes protection and security. It is strong, steady and reliable.

A tree is ever-growing. It gives its branches for warmth, tables and tools. The autumn leaves prepare for the coming spring.

A tree represents the interconnectedness of the communities that are held together by their deep desire to live on this planet in harmony with each other and nature.

The tree in CommuniTree is a perfect symbol to express the concept of a global network of diverse, united, spiritually-based sustainable communities.

Dear Heaven Admin Thank you

Dear Heaven Admin

Thank you for your response, I am so pleased to hear how CommuniTree is developing:) It's the exact description of heaven on earth that I have envisioned for so long in my mind and my heart. It is amazing how the synchronicities and shared dreams - calls us at exactly the right place, and the right time to help manifest it on beloved Gaia, Mother Earth. If there is anything i can do to help, please let me know. Below is an email i sent to Gloria in response to our last email. I look forward to help make this happen with you! X


My Lovely Gloria,

Your most welcome for the post on the forum. I hope it helps to raise more awareness:)

I know a few other starseeds/lightworkers who are also feeling this strong calling to be part of an eco spiritual community. I am happy to contact them and point them to the website. I hope this all helps to move this project forwards, Bringing our dreams of heaven closer and closer to our beloved Gaia, Mother Earth. Its happening already with our consciousness, And I am so excited to bring these heavenly dreams to earth!!

I may be able to participate in skype, as I don't usually sleep till 00.00 midnight GMT London time. If not, a change of time would be a great help:) I am happy to help with the Website, as my voluntary job is part time.

I am really glad we both want to go to the same place Gloria, As I read your blog about Argentina. My Spanish is a bit rusty too lol! At least we can comfort eachother with our native language:)

Blessings and Love,


Thank you, beloved Anna. God

Thank you, beloved Anna. God says there are no coincidences, and here you are. How did we get here anyway! It's a mystery! You desired Argentina and then found us. I, on the other hand, kinda fell into it!

As for Spanish, I need to learn it. You already know it! Maybe you will teach me!

It is delightful to have you here, Anna. We want to make it possible for you to be on the Skype calls. We have been talking on Skype at 7:30 on Tuesdays.

You live in Wales, and 7:30 Central Standard U.S. time is way too late for you. Heaven Admin, it must be that late for you as well.

Can we please rearrange our schedules so we get on Skype much earlier?

Lol so true Gloria, there

Lol so true Gloria, there are no coincidences:)

When I reconnected to the divine, - I started to feel a deep sense of loneliness, as I no longer resonated with the friends, and old ways of living from my previous existence. I was definitely changing in consciousness. In my heart was a strong feeling that I needed to be in Argentina, as part of a spiritual community, though I had no idea where to find it, but I could see it clearly in my minds eye.

I asked God if he could help me heal the pain, and he told me very clearly that I felt that pain for a reason. An image of mother earth, surrounded by love, and living in unity was shown to me. Humanity had finally reached its goal of oneness and love! - I cried so much, upon remembering why I came here. I am so glad I felt that pain, that bought us together. My heart is singing for joy knowing that our dreams are coming here.

Its a pure delight to be here, and i look forward to our Skype meeting and future plans x

Love and Blessings,


It is pure delight to have

It is pure delight to have you here, here sharing yourself on this forum, here in making the dream of a beautiful spiritual sustainable community in Capilla del Monte, Argentina, into a concrete reality. Actually into an Earthtube reality filled from the very ground, all in tune with nature.

Next week we'll be able to change the time of the Skype meeting so it's not in the wee hours your time.

No coincidences -- isn't that wonderful. We're all where we're supposed to be and right on time. There is a Heavenletter in which God said that there are no dropped stitches!

Going back to the mundane, have you signed up for notifications of posts on this forum?

Looking forward to more. May we be blessed with smiles from now on.

With love, Gloria

*Chuckles* I love that

*Chuckles* I love that double meaning quote Gloria, "Earthtube Reality"

I look forward to our chat next week, And thank you so much for adjusting the meeting time. God certainly did not drop a thing, There's a rhyme and reason for everything:)

I am all signed up for notification updates, ready to rock and roll Gloria

Speak to you soon, Lots of Love to You and Santhan XXX


I can only say YES to every

I can only say YES to every single word with all my heart and soul and I hope that in some small way I might be of help, what ever might be needed. and I adore the Tree in CommuniTree and the explanation of it, it unites the Heavenly Father with the Divine Mother Earth.

"You came not here because you failed or out of punishment, you came here because you saw a tiny blue planet in a certain dimension, in which separation and duality were being played out, and out of your infinite love and compassion you said: I'll go there."

sweetest love to all.

Beloved Berit, you already

Beloved Berit, you already help so much with Heavenletters. Your very presence and thoughts on this joint venture of CommuniTree can only be a blessing.

Berit, can you tell me step by step how you put pictures up on the forum and as this beautiful one you did of Earth? Tell everyone on the forum.

For me make it so a kindergartener could do it. :)

awwww Berit, that was so

awwww Berit, that was so beautiful, Thank you - that really touched my heart and made me smile:)

Much Love and Blessings,

Anna x

capilla del monte

I wanted to share that I will be staying with lovely Santhan, (Heavenletters Admin) who has been more than kind enough to let me come and stay in Capilla Del Monte in Argentina with him. I am there to serve and help the new community that will be built. There is no question, no doubt in my mind and heart. I am leaving everything that I know in the UK, To help make the eco spiritual community a reality. Heaven on earth does exist, we just have to put some hard work and love into it:)

These months of rapid energy shifts have been challenging, But I know that we will all be together soon, as family - as one- and that fills me with hope, love and joy

I am truly blessed to been given such direct guidance by Source/God, and helped by the Angels here, Gloria, and Santhan. I love you already, and miss you already - and I'm not even there yet!

Love And Blessings,

Anna x

Isn't it amazing how life

Thank you for sharing all this with us. We are happy for your good fortune.

Isn't it amazing how life unfolds?

Is Argentina or Wales closer to Iowa?

I too am already feeling the missing, though we will certainly be closer in time in Argentina!

You are already a blessing to the whole CommuniTree project and to Heavenletters.

Please tell us more!


Beloved Gloria, I am finally

Beloved Gloria,

I am finally here here Capilla Del monte in Argentina, Helping To make God's vision a reality! If anyone would like to keep tabs on how our progress is going, We will soon have a blog up and running about whats happening with the Spiritual Eco community. We are looking for investment and collaboration with people interested, and drawn to Argentina - forming a national land trust to help build the dream.

Love And blessings,

Anna x

I know, and I am so excited.

I know, and I am so excited. Tomorrow's blog ( is going to be a guest entry you wrote about your flight, arrival, and eating Santhan's marvelous food!!!!! I am so happy for you. You just went ahead and made it happen. I know you are going to do great things for the spiritual sustainable CommuniTree in Capilla del Monte.

Beloved Gloria,Thank you so

Beloved Gloria,

Thank you so much for helping us with the Blog, We are just so happy and excited to see it! Santhan's food is amazing, He makes magic with very few ingredients in his fridge. I am truley blessed *Smiles*

On the next update, We should have some photo's of the land in Capilla Del Monte. Keep your fingers and toes crossed. It will be such an inspirational day!

Love and Blessings,

Anna x