Sparklers Like Stars

God said:

Stay by My Side. Know where you are. Abide with Me. No need to run away nor to wander off. There is nothing you have to do but to choose to be by My side. We shall all the treasures prove. Let Us turn Fair Days to Sparklers like Stars. Together, We light up the Universe. Now you live in Truth and no longer in speculation. Speculation amounts to doubt. Lay down a royal carpet. You are to be caught up in Truth. Love is Truth. The Truth of Love is the Lay of the Land.

No longer does Life on Earth possibly take on the Role of Heave Ho. Burdens, be gone. Burdens serve no good purpose. Burdens are wastrels. Unburden yourself, and you unburden the World. Champion Life. You are Heaven Born and Heaven Chosen. You are not a fly-by-night, here and there and nowhere. You are not meant to be skittery. Soar on Light of Love. All Light is Ours. You are the Light, and Light shall lead the Way. You are the Precursor of Light. You light up the world. We light up the world.

Know that you reach My Heart. Know that you are My Heart. You are My Love on Earth. You are the Blessing of My Heart. There is no wilderness. Speak for Me. Embrace the Earth. You are the Deliverer and Signaler of Love. Hasten the Awakening of the World. Hasten your Crossing of the Universe, and you hasten Magnificence. There is nothing else to hasten.

You are established as a Precursor of My Will. Sign your Name to a Declaration of God. You are before Speech, and you are explicit. Hallowed be Thy Name. We share Life in Heaven as on Earth. We share Magnificence. There is nothing else to share. Why are you dumfounded?

You emblazon My Heart and Vision across the Universe. You lift the Skies. You were never a Solo Act.

Certainly, I carry you across the Firmament. I carry you across the Highest Heaven. And you carry Me. We are reciprocal. There is not One of Us without the Other. There is no Other. There is nothing but Oneness. We are Oneness. There is naught but Oneness. Oneness is Thy Name.

You were never lost. The concept of Lostness is a mistake of your Intellect. It is a fool’s errand. You are no fool. You can stop pretending. You are an Exponent of Love, and All Love is Mine. Go before Me, and come after Me. Light the Sky with Me. Light Hearts. No one is to be left out, not in the least. Rather, My Children are the Most.

We, you and I, are serious about this, and We are sincere, and We delight in Oneness. Joy reaches. No longer do you hover. We reach Joy, and Joy reaches Us. We connect Joy to Joy. We reach everywhere.

A Sense of Desolation has no place in Creation. Anything that is not Joy is false. It is not True. It is fake. Kid yourself no longer. No longer do you grope for explanation. Be joy. May your heart Dance to the Tune of Joy. May you fill the Earth with Joy. Be Joy, and no longer be mistaken.

Consider that there are no missteps. You are on your way to Joy, and you take the World with you. The Universe swings around to greet Us All. There is no absence of greeting. Hail to the World. Take off the lid from the world. Love rises. Love triumphs. The Heart triumphs. You triumph.

Disband doubt. Have no doubt. Love is assured. Love is the King of the Mountain. You are On High. We, you and I, carry the Universe. You are the Universe. Hail, Hail, the Gang is all here.

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Melting Within


What a beautiful letter from God today. Wow.

I am just awe-struck, totally melting within with every word I read.

Thank you for this, Your Great Gift to our world.

Beloved Ulrike, you so

Beloved Ulrike, you so uplight my Life, you who have inspired me so much. Thank you, thank you for your appreciation of God's Words.

Beautiful Soul, this Great Gift is all God's. I am so lucky that somehow I got here and that God lets me hang out here with him.

Loving you 4ever!