Grace the Playing Field

God said:

When someone is impatient with you, no matter how much you deserve patience, this is your cue to double your own patience now. When someone raises his voice with you, this is your cue to lower your voice. When someone is crotchety with you, this is your cue to be serene. Unless you want a yelling match, change your tactics. Even if the rules might say your teacher is supposed to lead the way or your mother or father or an older brother or sister, there is no rule that says you are not to show the way. Go ahead.

I am giving you a powerful tool for Life -- if you will do it, you can do it. Actually, Dear Ones, this tool works. It may well beat prayer!

You have been told not to react to another’s impatience or being out of sorts. I am giving you a wise way to react. This is another way of saying how to stay out of the fray. Do this unless you prefer raised voices.

Please understand I am not saying you caused a particular situation. What I am giving you is a way to change the dynamics you sorely want to change. You, of course, are responsible for yourself. What is at issue here for you? If you prefer another shooting match, go ahead as you may have been used to.

In the world, you don’t like to hear that you need a new sub-flooring in your sun room. This is not at all what you want to hear. Yet what point is there in your balking or protesting or yelling or screaming? Hop to it. Find a way to change your footing.

In regard to Life, I am giving you a way to calm the waters. I don’t call this a trick, yet I do call it a way to travel. In the world, giving a direct order often doesn’t work, so why continue with an old approach when you have a new approach to try?

You and I both want Peace in the world. What is Peace in the world made of but of what you might call Small Increments of Peace in Your Life?

In Life you discover that what you want, no matter how good it is what you want, doesn’t mean you can just order it as you would a healthy drink in a juice bar.

Alas, too often in Life as you may well have noticed, there are not always eager waiters to wait on you. Too often there are are so-called others who want you to dance to their tune. Right or wrong, this is what they ask of you. They want you to change. They want you to serve them. I just give you a suggestion for a better way to serve both your needs.

What am I suggesting to you, dear ones? I am suggesting that you underplay your needs. See what peace this can bring. This means that you give is exactly what you require.

Can you do it? Sometimes in Life, you simply have to bite your tongue.

Don’t think this is a way to diminish yourself. This is very definitely a way of raising yourself higher.

Don’t think this is placating another or putting someone else on a throne. Beloved, you are putting yourself on the throne. You are becoming the Wise King or Queen on a Throne. You are leading the way.

Or consider yourself a batter in baseball who slides into the base and scores.

If there is a change that has to be made in an interpersonal relationship, it’s okay to be the one who makes the change. Goodness knows, you can wait millenniums for someone else to adapt to a new pattern. If a change falls to you, be glad that this change is available to you. Grab it, beloveds. Grace the playing field. If you consider this yielding, remind yourself that you are yielding to the wisdom of patience you so sorely need from another.

Give it a chance. See what new flooring you can build.

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