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Spanish lesson

Hi Gloria

Yes ! we have a lesson for today. just I was waiting for you, last time you toll me that needed go more slow.
Thank for sent me Heaven's flash presentation I wached it touched my heart deep, thanks you.

Star now with the spanish class.

I recognize that you know more spanish than I know english

I want to buy a souvenir = yo quiero comprar un recuerdo

I would like to go a museum = me gustaria ir a un museo

What time does it arrive to ......? = a que hora llega a ....... .?

do you like dance ? = te gusta bailar ?

tell me about you job ? = dime acerca de tu trabajo ?

As soon as = tan pronto como

As soon as I finish working I'll go home = tan pronto como termine de trabajar iré a casa

She didn´t buy so much as you did = Ella no compró tanto como tu

She can even write beatiful letter = Ella inclusive puede escribir cartas hermosas

She is about to go to Argentina = Ella esta a punto de irse a Argentina

I am about to go.

I would like write about my spiritual experiences and feeling = me gustaria escribir acerce de mis experiencias espirituales y sentimientos.

Gloria, I think this is enough for today., I would like know what kind of sentences would be perfect for you.
like when you go: A restaurant, see the movie, work, house. dance, eat, kind de food. friend, etc. when you get in a taxi,
airport, diferent situation of life. - I enjoy do this. you can count with me wherever you need, provided that I can.

Is posible can I write some spiritual think for eveybody ? in the forum ?
Thanks you I feel really grateful about you

God bless you.

It is easy for me to read

It is easy for me to read the Spanish you write -- especially with your translation right beside it! And some words are easy for me to remember because I love the word -- trabajo -- for instance and some because they resemble English so much -- like museo.

I think a short lesson every day will be good for me. The more exposure, the better.

Senorita, por favor, si si, write something spiritual for everyone.

I loved what you already wrote about yesterday's Heavenletter, about the soul's sadness and how much we want to do what God says. I hope everyone reads what you wrote.



Hi Gloria I hope had you

Hi Gloria I hope had you been a great Thanksgiving.

Yesterday I sent to you a lesson but I saw that you do not receives.

Thanksgiving day = dia de accion de gracias.

could you help me please ? = podrias ayudarme por favor ?

Of course = seguro

can I use your pen, phone, etc- ? = puedo usar tu lapiz ?

are you bussy ? = estás ocupada ?

I like the summer time = me gusta el verano

Here is winter in Christmas time but in South america is summer.

aqui es invierno en Navidad, pero en sudamerica es verano.

I wait for you call. = espero tu llamada.

Which is your favorite T.V. show ?, Cual es tu programa de T.V. favorito ?

Do you like the movies = te gustan las peliculas ?

What are you going do in christmas ?, Que vas a hacer en Navidad ?

I hope that this lesson be well.

Bye see you tomorrow-

Thank you so much, Carla! It

Thank you so much, Carla! It is wonderful to have such personalized Spanish lessons.

Now if only I can remember!

I wondered where yesterday's lesson was. I am very glad to have today's!

Carla, you are doing a

Carla, you are doing a wonderful job here teaching with so much love !!!!!
More than just a language it is like soft music I think.
Gloria angel, how do you feel ???


Hi Berit. I

Hi Berit.

I feel really happy, I wish this lesson indeed be practice for your, for me is very good because I can practice my english. My english isn´t well. but I try, and enjoy do it.

Thanks you.

chao, = bye


Carla, here are two

Carla, here are two responses in Spanish from this forum.

I will translate each one as best I can without using a dictionary. I get the idea, but not the exact words, I think. Will you please correct me?

Congratulaciones Cecilia, en el día de tus cumpleaños!

Así que tu tambien eres un angel en esta familia de "Heavenletters". Muchísimas gracias por las traducciones!

Feliz cumpleaños y un futuro sin igual, te deseo!

Congratulations, Cecilia, on the day of your birth!
You are always an angel in the family of Heavenletters. Many thanks for the translations.

Happy birthday and a future equally deserved. With love, Xenia.

Cecilia Ricardini says:

¡¡¡Gracias a todos por los saludos!!! Y en especial a Santhan... que se acuerda de mi banda favorita... (¿Será que lo torturé demasiado?) Jaja


Thanks for all your good wishes. And especially to Santhan who accords me my favorite music (?) ---

(The rest - hmm, what about torture? And what does Jaja mean?)

Gracias, Carla.

Hi Xenia, How are you ? I

Hi Xenia, How are you ? I just saw the greeting that you wrote to Cecilia for her birthday, that did you write is very good. I wrote to you a birthday greeting in spanish too. I¨m sorry if you not saw it. I¨m soory too for send on time my spanish lesson. Now I¨m working 8 Hours a day before that I had a lot time. but in any case I want follow give to your my spanish lesson. I loved do that. I would like if is posible you correct my english word and write.

My spanish lesson today

Ayúdeme = Help me
Escríbamelo = Write it for me
Hágamelo = Do it for me
Míreme = Look at to me
Siempre = Always
Creo que sí = I think so.
Yo tampoco = Me, neither
Quizás = Maybe
Mucho Gusto = Nice to meet you
Esta bien = That´s okay
Bien, gracias = Fine, thanks
De nada = You¨re welcome
This is all for today = Esto es todo por hoy

Gracias for give me this opportunity.
God bless you


Hi Gloria, Berit, Xenia.

Hi Gloria, Berit, Xenia.

Please tell me if your still want of Spanish lesson, I want give it them

Te gustó ? = Did yoou enjoy it ?

Qué feliz me haces !! = You make me so happy !!
Abrázame = Hug me
I want to go out with you = yo quiero salir contigo
te veré mas tarde = see you later
amistoso = friendly
encantador = chárming
luna de miel = honeymoonn
Es una lástima = It¨s a pity
me gusta que = I like that....
cuando regresas = When will you back ?
Puedo dejar un mensaje = May I leave a mesage =
es muy fácil = It¨s a piece of cake.
Awake = despertar
funny = chistoso, gracioso
I hope that lesson be good for you. is my wish.

With love. Carla.

Yes, dear heart. I

Yes, dear heart.

I appreciate a lesson every day. Maybe just three new phrases a day. That way I can really keep up and feel successful. Is that okay? A short short lesson every day.

I love your choice of phrases to learn. Excellent.

With blessings and love,


Hi Gloria How are you ? I

Hi Gloria How are you ? I am here again. I going to send you short lesson. sorry for my large lesson before. Already did you go to Argentina ?. I feel happy about your trip..

Como te va ? How´s it going ?
Que pasa ? What´s going on ?
Voy a ir a trabajar = I going to go work

See you tomorrow, have a good night.


Beloved Carla, there was a

Beloved Carla, there was a bug in the forum program, and your lesson just appeared again.

I wondered what had happened. I'm so happy we're back.

Yes, these three lines I can make sure I learn.

Que pasa is a phrase I am sure I will be using a lot!

Are Que pasa and Come te va sort of interchangeable?

Voy a ir a trabajar.

What I do takes a lot of time, yet it sure doesn't seem like trabajo. (Did I do that right?)

Love and blessings,


Hi Gloria,

Hi Gloria,

I regret not having contacted, is that I was sick, but now I am back.
Whether the phrase happens is widely used because it's used in different things, Ex. What happend with my food, work, you etc.. And also the word going . because always we are say; To going my job,mi house, to see the movie etc. , whenever one is saying I am going to work, my house, a movie, etc..
Today the words are

Que vas a hacer mañana ? = what are you going to do tomorrow?

Que quieres comer ? = what do you want to eat?

Ah, my beloved Spanish coach

Ah, my beloved Spanish coach has come back! Thank you.

Que vas a hacer manana? Que quieres comer?

Hi Gloria,

Hi Gloria,
Cómo estás ? How are you ?.

I hope are you very well. = Espero que estes muy bien.

What are you doing last nigth ?. Que estabas haciendo anoche. ?

Bye Gloria, see you tomorrow.


!Muy bien, gracias!

!Muy bien, gracias!

Hi Gloria First

Hi Gloria
First of all I want wihs you a very merry Christmas to all the team of Heaventletter. 'I hope God bless you and exitan forever

Merry Christmas = Feliz Navidad
Happy New Year = Feliz Año Nuevo
Where is the Santa Claus. ? Donde está Santa Claus
My Book = mi Libro

Have a great day

This is perfect, Carla.

This is perfect, Carla. Thank you!

!Feliz Navidad, querida! !Feliz Ano Nuevo!

How do we say: Have you read my book?