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Self sufficient
I Am That I Am
Of irritation's blame
Of judgment's game
Is perfectly able
Effortlessly capable
Of loving away
Perception based thoughts gone awry
Insane actions long since dried
Solely dependent upon past held pain

For the Now
Utilizes time to realize
Our greatest way
As a smile smiled
You, Me
The Light, all the while
Living the creative force of the sun
Illuminating the day
Life's, "It Is Done"
With Source
That creates all creation in the first place


Thanks sweet poet for all

Thanks sweet poet for all your love !
Love and blessings

TY...God's Heavenly

TY...God's Heavenly Angel...mike:)

Hi At1ment, and this is

Hi At1ment, and this is just a thought when i think my life is over and one door closes and none open... abiding in God we wait for an answer...and utilize our time, to occupy our minds...

God he comforts, he leads me to the place i should go... just when i think I will throw in the towel... Ahh God he works in mysterious ways indeed... brings us back home to our Creator... even when I think he has forgotten me... he finds a way of letting us know... Luv Karen

thanks Karen, for sharin'

thanks Karen, for sharin' the love of your Beautiful Heart...michael:)