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Just A Thought...

Perhaps the need to keep things brief
And light
Isn't just about life floating along swimmingly
All breezy
It's us also meaning
To "protect" ourselves, our lives
From "dreaded negativity"
As if our spirituality is some sea that can be upset and parted
Like somehow our hearts need be guarded
By some impenetrable forcefield
That doesn't let in
The "disavowed"
Yet that equally disallows
To Be
"Let out"
As if fear is a disease instead of a dis-ease
Yet aren't we here as bringers of peace?
Instead of concerners with losing or gaining
A piece
Our "peace"?
Dependent upon certain breezes
To please
Pretending to be all loving while simultaneously afraid of some turbulent breeze
That kicks up the seas
Yet that is of the selfsame force
That comes from
As Stillness
Without a need
Unaware of the word, "displeases"
I just wonder if us, the Children of Light
Might be better served
To serve
To welcome
To bless
Instead of perturbed, making sure our aura or whatever isn't "disturbed"
Like the kids
Not afraid to get a bit messy
Instead of polishing what's already perfectly clean