Share the Light of God

God said:

When you share, you share yourself with yourself. You are the one sharing, and you are the one receiving. Whoever else recognizes their receipt of your sharing is incidental. When you share, your recognition of yourself grows. You begin to see yourself as a manifestation of God Who knows only sharing.

Everything you do and say is expressing your consciousness, every letter you write, every conversation you have, every action and so on. Expressing your consciousness is revealing yourself to yourself. When you reveal the truth of yourself (not just momentary emotion) you become reacquainted with the truth of yourself, and you are enlivened.

When you express less than yourself, you feel tired.

Clearly, it is good to express more of Who you are to yourself. The more you do so, the more in love with yourself you will be, for you will know more of Me residing within you. It is I you will come to know more, and that is how your love of self comes to expand.

Expand is a wonderful word. More of your inner self comes out of yourself so there is more of you to see and be seen. Your inner self expands outward so that you may see it and begin to know the truth of you. More of your inner self expanding outward does not take away an ounce from what is within you. What is within you stays, only its beaming out makes you more aware of it.

It is time you become more aware of yourself and all that is contained within you. Limitless is the wealth contained within you, for I am limitless. And so shall you be now in your awareness. You shall be unlimited love and intelligence proliferated on earth. What is love but intelligence? What is love but a coherence of heart and brain waves? And what are brain waves but light. And what is coherent light but love, and My love at that.

When your thoughts about yourself are lined up with My thoughts about you, then you are pure coherent light for all the world to see. That is how you are the light of the world.

You are not the dark of the world. Only sometimes your light has been hidden in a corner. Now take your light out and shine it on the world.

I have given you much. I ask nothing of you but to be your original self unhampered.

Is that too much to ask?

It is what you want too. You share My Will.

In your same body, you can share My light today. It does not require words. It requires nothing but you in the light of My peace.

Notice, that the sun does not scramble, and yet it shares My light boldly. It never minds what someone thinks of it. It minds its own business (My business) and shines on all. The sun knows how to share. It can do nothing else. The sun can only shine. Behind clouds, it still shines. Clouds do not daunt it.

Be in the light of My silence.

With everyone you meet or think of today, silently say in your heart the following: "I light you with God's peace." Or, "I shine God's light on you." Or, "I send God's light to you." "I put you in God's light." "I give you to God's light." "You are God's light."

All the messages you give, you receive. So you might as well give My messages. They are for you. They are dedicated to you. And the heart of God longs to be shared. It is not your candy you must hand out. It is the love of God that you are to share. No one has to know that the love is extended from you. No one is under obligation to receive the message of love or to know from where it comes. It comes from Me. Only, you are the one who has to give it.

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This Heavenletter is

This Heavenletter is beautiful beyond words !!!!

When your thoughts about yourself are lined up with My thoughts about you, then you are pure coherent light for all the world to see. That is how you are the light of the world.

much love !