See Love

God said:

Goodness is catapulting itself to you.

Be on the lookout.

Are you ready for goodness to abound?

Yes, you have to get ready for it, just as you get ready to catch a ball.

When you begin to notice all the love on its way to you, know that it has already reached you.

With love, it is a rerun. With love, it is a reoccurrence. Love is a given. You have been onslaughted with love. Only your attention has been off it, on other things, on other matters. Now you restore your attention to love.

Make friends with love.

You are a scepter of it.

You are a holy light of love.

That seems far-fetched to you, but it is all your other thoughts that are far-fetched.

Love does not come from afar. It is as close as you, for you are the carrier of it.

You are a bombardier of love. You are a buzzing bee of love that hovers over the universe. Love is your legacy, and love is your inheritance. Abound in love, for then you will know yourself.

You are many-layered. But, above all, you are love, and you are loved, and you are love-ness itself succoring the earth and all who ride on it. Whatever else you are, or think that you are, doesn't matter. Only love matters.

Put love before all else. This is not romantic love We speak of now, yet within all love is romance. Romance your life. Romance your work. Give all who accompany you a good time. Give all that you accompany a good time. Treat everything in life as though it were a date. Treat everything in life as though it were your beloved. Then you will be seconding Me.

Your love has strayed. It has gone off on tangents. It has portrayed itself as a lesser character while, all the time, it was the hero of you.

For some undisclosed reason, you had to discover that love rode with you, and that love is the only victor there is. Now you can be victorious in love. Swashbuckle your life with love.

Just remember love. That is all it takes. Purvey love. Recognize it. All you do is stir it. Love is all, yet it needs to be stirred. Stir the love in your heart. Watch it overflow. Watch it exhilarate hearts, including your own. It's true, fall in love with love. Love is the flowing of hearts. One loving heart sets off a deluge.

You are an agent of love.

You want to know your purpose in life? It is to love. It is for you to love love's very existence.

Let love be the mattress of life that you bounce on.

Be the vehicle of love.

Be the transporter of it.

You ARE a carrier of love.

If you want to know what your DNA is, know that it is love. You are My love seeded to earth.

Plant your love. Plant it everywhere.

Everything on earth is an excuse for love. It needs no excuse, only you think you need an excuse here and there to love. You think there must be an inciter of it. You think your love is to respond to something. But it is to respond only to itself. It is its own inciter. You need do nothing but let love be. Let the love that was born to your heart be. Let it flourish. Let it recognize itself, for only love is recognizable.

You do not need to hide your love. You do not need to announce it. You need only to recognize it, and it will do the rest without interference from you. You become a master of love when you let go of it. It will fly like a kite for all the world to look up at and see. See love.