Love Almighty

God said:

All is well.

There is nothing more to say.

All is well, and you are loved.

And you are finding the love in your heart.

The love in your heart rises.

The love in your heart used to be enchanted and could rise only so far in your awareness. It was kept down by some mistaken enchantment.

Now you have lifted the enchantment, and your heart bursts all boundaries, and you are uplifted.

It is as if angels lift you higher. In truth, it is the nature of love itself to rise. Soon or late, all love finds its way back to Me. As your love rises, it rises to Me, and you are risen. Love lifts you higher. And the earth rises with you. Love whirls you ever higher.

The love you have engendered so far is little compared to the love you are going to. You will know greater love by allowing your heart to express the height of itself.

It is as if your love has been sitting down, and now it stands up and finds out how tall it is. Sitting down, your love could see only so far. Now it stands, ever taller, and your vision is great. It is vast. Vast are you when love ventures forth from your heart.

Let your heart permeate itself and leave the boundaries you have made for it. Love wants to go everywhere. It wants to know itself. It wants to know how gallant it is, for love is a knight waiting to serve. It waits for the king to send it forth.

You are the king of your love. Send your own heart the message to release itself and to now encompass the universe.

So far your love has been sporadic and fragmented. Now it will surge forth to cover the entire universe. There will be no cranny where your love is not. Your love will flow forth like quicksilver. No one, nothing, will escape your love. There will be nowhere in Heaven or on earth without it.

In fact, all beings will rush to meet it. They will hear your love like a tide even before it arrives. They will hear it coming. The earth will vibrate to your love, and your love will be felt. And it will be greeted, your forthcoming love.

It is such a little thing to give your love out. It needs no decision such as to whom or where or how much. Nothing will dictate to your love. It will be just love freeing itself. Love unfolding. Love unselfconscious, just being itself, playing everywhere.

Previously your love was bandaged — in order to heal a wound or to prevent another one — and now you know that the love within you is unbounded, for it is Mine. It is My love within you that surges forth, eager to return to its Source. Your are full of Source.

Your love will not wander, yet it will spread everywhere.

Once you unlock your heart, others will unlock theirs. You may have to be the first one today. You may have to set it off. You may be the one to lead. You may be the namer of a new kingdom of love, love not banished, not sequestered, not withheld but revealed for all to see. Love simple, uncloistered.

What will it look like when your love reveals itself freely? You do not know. But this you know: Once revealed, your love (Mine within you) will be flooded with love from every corner of the universe. It is to yourself that you must reveal your love so that you will know who you are. Once you reveal yourself, you are found.

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1 Heavenletter Haiku for

1 Heavenletter Haiku for you

Hello Friends,

God said love simple
For love needs no decision
Once you reveal it

Love, Light and Aloha!