Set a Course for the World

God said:

Beloveds, rest in My love. Accept it. Accept that you are My beloved, My most beloved. There is no more beloved nor less beloved, but I will call you 'most beloved'. Everyone is deep in My heart, and there is no greater love than Mine. I am the Father of Love. I am the Mother and the Brother of Love, and you are the same. To whom I bequeath love cannot be less than the love I bequeath.

And yet it seems like there is much unlove in the world. Although less than love is but illusion, it seems real enough. That's the difficulty. Hurt and cruelty in the world dismay the love in your heart. Awayness from love seems to outshadow love. The contrast is too much to bear. Your heart may be pure, and yet instances of non-love surround you. History is full of it. And non-love is the material of which fiction is made, beloveds.

You may not accept that the life you live is fiction. You are in the midst of it, after all. And sometimes you see unkindness, and you see others hurt, and you see the drama of that which is unacceptable and which should not be. You readily accept the heartache, and tend to see glory as the exception.

But what if you accepted that the life you live is a story, for is not the surface of life all story? And is not a story only a story? It is description, and it has color, and a cast of characters, ever changing or seemingly staying the same, and it has action and it has conflict and it is filled with contrast. Life is mainly seen as what goes on in it. You circumscribe life with its events. You think the unfolding of life, the peaks and the lows are what life is about, but there is much more to life than what goes on in it. Life may be about this and that, but life is not the same as what goes on in it. Life itself is beyond events.

Have a little awareness that there is more to life than what is directly before you.

Let's say there is a paint can of green paint. All who paint with the same green paint nevertheless paint differently, even when painting the same scene. From the same color, much is depicted. But green is yet green. Add other colors, and the green may be hidden, distorted, made ugly or made beautiful, yet green is still green. The green may be muddied, but no one doubts the existence of green.

Do you think that love is fiction, and all else is real?

Much is made of the discordant side of life. In the media, disharmony is featured. Wars make headlines. Illness is advertised under the cover of remedy. Dissatisfaction with your physical appearance is cultured under the guise of beauty and plastic surgery. Romance is made spectacular, as if romance were the extent of love.

The world is also steeped in love, and yet love is downplayed for the sake of something else. No wonder there is depression.

Turn your attention to love. Look for evidence of love, and note it. Multiply your perception of love, and more love will rise. The world is full of love. All the love in the world is here.

Fraught with fireworks, the world is yet established in love. Settle into love, and peace can only follow. Love will counteract all the false advertising. Only love is true. All else is false. Look for Truth, and be guided by it. Don't let the world intimidate you. Go by what you value, and set a course for the world.

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Life as a painting

I have been having a difficult time getting my mind wrapped around a concept that has been vague, yet has seemed quite important.

In the Heavenletters, it is explained that love is the only reality, yet we are told that we live in a life that is, in its essence, the unreality of a dream. How can we know love, which is the only Reality, while while living in the dream state of life which is not real?

It seems that the metaphor of the green paint in this letter adds a lot of clarity. With this metaphor, I can better see how the reality of love can be mixed in with the unreality of the dream-like events of our lives. So, perhaps, it is not all or none, it is both. Our physical life is unreal because much of it is illusion, yet, mixed in with this unreality, is the Reality of love.

Perhaps, as we learn to better see the "green" in all of its manifestations and mixtures, what we expereince as life changes for the better.

there is much more to life than what goes on in it

Let me add, dear Chuck, that I find this a rather remarkable sentence:

And non-love is the material of which fiction is made, beloveds.

Perhaps it's permissible to turn it around and say: Wherever you se non-love, within or without, you can be quite sure it's fiction, you can be quite sure it's imagined. (Interestingly, what we call fiction, novels and films for instance, is always about non-love. Perhaps there is only one topic, one theme in the world.)

Only love is true. All else is false.

Then how did non-love get invented at all? And what for? Is this an experiment? To see whether perceived non-love will find its way out of the "huge woods" on its own? It's nice to specualte. And it's nice to stop. Turn your attention to love. Look for evidence of love, and note it. Multiply your perception of love, and more love will rise.

the illusion of pain

If "Only love is true. All else is false" then all sufferance must be false, just a fiction. I must conclude that one like mother Teresa has not been working for the Truth, but paradoxically she was feeding the illusion of pain. When we speak of charity or assistance to the weaker, is this really a service we provide to others in need or is it an act of self-assistance? We go beyond the idea of good and bad: everything that help us to find ourselves seems to be good.