Seeking the Word of God

God said:

I speak My Love to you, for you, My child, are the Inspirer of My Love. I need no inspiration, you understand, yet you are like the Sun to My Heart. As I inspired you with Love, as I blew the breath of you into Existence, you soared to the Stars and flew around the Moon, and the Sun did a number on your heart. I heard you say:

“Hurray, God, you created a world. You created the world with me in it. The deed is done. We are forever. The world is made. The rest is peek-a-boo, and Creation recreates itself in a cycle of Love and Beauty.

“God, You teach us to smile and to bless the world You made. You made the seas that rise and lap over waves of laughter. You activated surfing and all kinds of joy by the blink of an eye. You thought of everything. You covered us with Moondust. You gave us the magic power of love.

“God, You said, as I heard You:

‘I made for you all toys in the world. I made Moonbeams. You are caught up in them. You worship Me with dance. I gave you the Universe to dance on, and you sing with all your heart. You sing a song of God, and you are the song you sing. I sit still with My arms folded, and I nod My head as you perpetuate love and slap your knees and twang the banjo of your heart.’

"I, your child, I say thank You. Thank You. I remember You, God. I remember all the stories You told me, and the songs You sang of courage and heroes. You declared me. You announced me. You introduced myself to my Self. You whispered that I am Your Tribute. You told me that You made me for joy, Yours and mine.

“You wrote a note to me. You folded the paper in eighths. You said that I would forever seek to open the note you gave to me that would reveal me to myself. I have forgotten where I placed the note. Do you remember where I placed the note You gave me?

“I have looked for it in the Stars and around the Moon. Did the note You wrote to me and gave to me for safe-keeping -- did it burn up in the Yellow of the Sun?

“And then, God, You said to me:

‘The note I wrote for you, My child, is sealed in your heart. Open your heart, and you will see the note like Rays of the Sun.’

"You continued as I heard you:

 ‘I wrote two words. I also whispered the two words in your ear, or did I write and speak three words? I wouldn’t have forgotten the third. I couldn’t have. My memory is illustrious. Come, I will whisper the first two words now. Come closer.’

“God, I leaned close to you, and you whispered the two words. You whispered:


"And you whispered, ‘Love.’ 

"You asked me to whisper the two words to myself.

“I whispered the two words to myself. The two words entered my bloodstream. The words beat in my pulse.

“I implored You, God, to say the third word, and You whispered that You would whisper the Sacred Word to me another time when the Sun and the Moon and Stars were locked in an embrace of Great Significance. You said I would hear the Word in the wind, and it would reverberate through me, and I might be blown through the Universe by the sound of the Word. 

"I keep seeking the Word. I have guessed many words.

"I guessed We. I guessed One. I guessed Oneness. I guessed Infinity. In dreams at night, the Word has come to me, yet when I awaken, I do not remember the Word. This is a Word of God's that I must remember.

"I have guessed Heaven. I have guessed Birth. I have guessed God. I have guessed Heart. I have guessed Gift. I have guessed Courage. I have guessed Eternity. I have guessed Glory.

"I have also remembered other words that I have then forgotten and have not been able to bring back. Oh, yes, Light was one of them. I seek the missing Word, yet, have I found it? Is it among the Words I have listed?"

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The Third Word

All of those words that I have guessed and many, many more ALL swirl into the word "CREATE!" Your letter today brought forth glorious tears of pure Joy. I truly AM His Tribute, as are you my sweet sister. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Dear Patti, I am happy to be

Dear Patti, I am happy to be your sister.

Patti, I understand what you mean when you say to me "your Heavenletter."

I am duty-bound to say these amazing Heavenletters are not mine. I know you know that. God has called me His donkey. God keeps things in perspective! He has said that I am His donkey who pulls a cart and delivers His messages!

Post some more, Patti.

Loving you,


P.S. Tears such as you describe indicate a breakthrough. Good sign!

My Guess

For me, this is one of the most touching Heavenletters I have ever read. It is almost too wonderful to talk about. It brings silence, gratitude, bliss and awe.

My guess for the missing third word of God is Joy.