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Like mankind's quest without rest
For the holy grail
Enlightenment, unveiled
To her, countless seas has he sailed

And over endless starlit skies
She's flied
An angelic light blessing his expecting night
A comet, engaging, yet passing him by

Upon centuries
Contain untold tales

Of such mysterious loves
As from above

Come and then
In the next
Leaving reason left perplexed

Morning doves
Softly coooouuuuing
Then a sudden rage

In tumultuous waves
Brought forth
By some seemingly unstoppable force
The torrent of the ages

Only Now
Presently arriving
At this timing
We're finding

Making the greatest sense
No longer denying, dying
Present, we've dropped the pretense


Sees elusiveness
The quest
As not the best
But an imaginary plaything

A flickering of light
A fling in the night
From which true love
Gets it's well deserved rest

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Aw Mike ~ so lovely! Love's

Aw Mike ~ so lovely!
Love's Holy Grail lives within also ~ in fact when it comes down to it ~ everything is within ~
and we all go off hither and thither searching the world over, when all that we seek lies within each and every one of us.
It's great that we're all finally catching up with ourSelves!


PS Please accept my apologies, if I have missed commenting on any other of your posts. It is a little difficult to keep track at the moment, with the holidays, and all of the extra postings regarding translations (which is just wonderful!!!), but it means things 'fall off' before you get a chance to see them!

Lots of love to you Blessed Soul




thanks for the comment, for

thanks for the comment, for your Love....Mary...yes, indeed...the Holy Grail is our Within...and it's up to us to drop the pretense...our "love or not" in the past or future tense, to quit being tense, to end going coming from our Within...:)'s mike