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The Cheers, The Joy, The Love

In this New Year to come
Whatever's to come
Let's sing with it
Let's be with it
Let's dance a bit
Or more
Let's get with the biz
Of outrageous fun
Let's bring the
The Joy
The Love
As if each moment's
Our anticipatory, just before
Or the moment right after
The hour of twelve
Let drink deeply
Let's delve
Into the beauty beheld
Within each and everyone
For sooo beloved
Are we
Infinity's Daughters and Sons
Yet Free
Higher than high
Deeper than deep
Indeed Created
As foreverness, yep
So let's
Give it our best
Let's let
Our minds and hearts and souls perfectly rest
By giving fear, in all forms, a rest
Our destiny is greatness and no less
Our course is set
It's the right beneath our feet
The wherever of whenever we happen to be
In every breath we take
No longer asleep
To Who We Are
As Peace, never afar
Ceasing searching, beseeching
To seek
We Find
We're Found
In the Within of everything around

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

So sweet...and right on!

So sweet...and right on! Thank you from my heart. Jim and Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

TY too, Jim and Jimi...from

TY too, Jim and Jimi...from my Heart as well...mike:)