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"Responsibility" 2


You're responsibility to Me
Is to know
Who You Are
To love
From the Heart
To shine
As My Stars
Having said that
With freedom
And joyfulness being a Fact
I would contend
Responsibility is lessened
As you relax
Those thoughts, words and deeds
Will be right on track
More naturally carefree and easy
Than before
For not being scored
With nothing, no one, to score
You need not worry for your thoughts, words and acts
In fact, as You more and more come to Me
In realization of our Unity
This biz
Of responsibility
Need not be
No longer is
For what need of structure has the wind
In and of itself
It Is
The epitome of Being
Cared for
And Free?

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

Brilliant Bruv!

Brilliant Bruv!