Receiving God's Love

God said:

Love from Me is not accidental, nor is it occasional. It is a given. At every moment, I am sending you love. At every moment you receive it, whatever you are aware of or not.
Close your beautiful eyes, and feel your receiving love from Me, God, the One and Only. Of course, I am within you, and that makes us One, One of Love, One of All. Oneness is Totality, Wholeness, All That Is. Oneness is All, All as One.
Reach out to Me, and you are reaching out to yourself.
What more is there to say? Why clutter up simplicity?
Let’s be simple instead. Why complicate? Complexity is not greater than simplicity. Oneness is the simplest of all. It is All-Embracing.
Simplicity is richer than complexity. Simplicity is smarter. Simplicity is without end. Complexity gives you a good send-off and does not deliver.
Everything is simple to those who grasp it. Complexity goes to the outskirts.
The Moon is simple. Here it is up in the sky for you to look at. Nothing fancy is needed. What is fancy about the Moon? It reflects the Sun. And you reflect Me. Perfectly simple. You are I, and you are the Moon. The Sun, Moon, and Stars and you and I are all One. Differences are superficial. They are not much at all. One Heart beats in the Whole of the Universe. However We might slice it, the One Heart is Mine, and it is yours, and it belongs to everyone even as One is All, and All is One.
I, God, AM everywhere. I AM up in the sky, and I AM in your heart. I AM. I AM the Truth, and the Truth is All. I AM Oneness, and I AM included in you as you are included in Me.
You have been waylaid on Earth. You are like the country cousin who has gone to visit in the big city. Your eyes get big in the big city. I compare you, My One Beautiful Child, to the country cousin who has been dazzled by the City Lights and the fast cars. The world is your Big City, and it has swept you up.
Don’t misunderstand Me. The Big City is BEAUTIFUL. I love it. I also remember Who I AM, and I AM you, and you are I.
Remember where you come from. Don’t sell yourself out to razzle-dazzle. Don’t give away your inheritance. Don’t give Me away. I am enough for all, and I am really not too much for you. I am just right for you. You can have all of Me. I give All of Me to you. You are in My embrace, and My embrace is spectacular. My embrace is phenomenal. My embrace is Infinite, as Infinite as I, as Infinite as you, and that is to say, very very Infinite, very Vast, as Vast as My One Beating Heart with all the Love in the World combined.
Hark, I feel the beat of your heart. It is like a birdsong. I hear your heart singing My song. You have found My heart, and you have heard My song, a vacuum within your heart brings you to Me. You are enveloped with love, and I am irresistible as your next step. Here you come. You are on your way to Me. You have been fattened up with love. I count the beat of your heart. It is mighty. It is the mightiest of the Mighty. I appoint you a blessing to the world, and so shall you be. In blessing the world, you bless Me, and Oneness is blessed.

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Front Page News

We have often thought, wow, this Heaven Letter should be Front Page News This letter, in divine synchronicity, rings the bell.
God in me is "love in action" and we don't wait on the NY Times or the TV. God in us says "Make it so, then" And so it is ~ Now.
p.s. Thank You Gloria for your tireless dedication to your God given job. No one could have done it better than you! )