God’s Holy Light within You

God said:

In the quiet of your heart, you will find Me. That is where you can say I begin. From there, you can say that I creep up on you. Of course, it is true to say that you creep up on Me. Little by little, you approach Me and work your way in to My Flaming Heart until you stand before Me. You stand tall before Me in the Full Glory of My Light, and you know that I am yours and that you are Mine, and One We are, One of Love We are, or, better to say, One you are with Me; therefore, One I AM and you are One with Me, and, therefore, there is no telling Who is Who, or Which is Which.
What a lovely state to be in, this state beyond knowing that you belong, a state further along than belonging, a State of Being that envelops you, a State of Love that overtakes everything else that you thought ever was – more than overtakes – realizes a State of Being that leaves nothing else but Love, Oneness under the Umbrella of Vastness, where Everythingness and Vastness are One, and One is All, and you are One and Oneness and Everything-elseness rolled into One, where nothing is excluded, where it is not possible for anything or anyone to be excluded from.
You were always My Own, and you ARE always My Own, My Own Self which is the same to say your Self. I am your Self. You have never been anything else. If you felt excluded, it was you, a picture of you, a false image of you that defrauded yourself and defrocked yourself in the guise of mayhem or modesty or what-not.
I have told you what’s what, and you held on to otherwise. You dreamed a dream, a fantastical dream that included old wives’ tales and wicked witches and imperfectness everywhere, even as there is no everywhere. None of your dream was true. I take that back. There was a part of your dream that was true, and to that part belonged any of the snatches of love that you allowed in. You see, it is like you had a prediction of non-love, and your dream lived up to it. You had a magic wand that washed darkness over the world, and you in a corner of that world, where mis became a prefix and there could be such a thing as misdeed, misconstrued, misaligned, mistake and mistaken, and all that. The prefix un also entered itself, calling in unhappiness, uncomfortable, undone.
Fortunately, unmasked became a use of the prefix un, and you un-misguided yourself and gained your permission to recognize My Holy Light within you, within you, My beloveds, which is a way to say that you let Me out from where you had stored Me, kept Me waiting until, until what? Until you dared bring Me out into the Daylight. This is the True Beginning of you, of You, of You in My Heart as My One Self in You.
You are a Godsend, beloveds. I sent you to Earth long ago. What I send is a Godsend, and you are That. Remove the rags of ignorance from you, and be My Radiance shining before all to see that they, too, will know Who and Where God is and what a Godsend they are.
Now walk up to Me and declare your True Identity which is the same as to say that you, yes, you, are made in My Image. Untarnish the false image of you. You have been the false image you worshipped. Now you walk up to Me, and I come before you. We embrace. We meld into One, and Our One Heart is Bright Light.

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Now you walk up to Me, and I

Now you walk up to Me, and I come before you. We embrace. We meld into One, and Our One Heart is Bright Light.
What a view! What a magnificent Heavenletter! Ok. God, I open the door and step into the new room - there is a lot of space and endless possibilities to look at.

walk with God.

Mario Lanza sang " I walk with God from this day On" from the Student Prince. learn The words and sing it and "MEAN" it Love to all Jack

In the quiet of your heart, you will find Me...

" In the quiet of your heart, you will find Me...."

Oh...how we stray....But...when we do listen to the quiet in our hearts...wow! Blessed be our Father....the love and the living holiness....this is who we truly are! Blessings be to alll of us...let me and us be submerged into the sweet nectar that I am...that we are. AMEN! Jimi

Oh yes, there is such a

Oh yes, there is such a sweetness in the quiet of our hearts, If we lean on God and listen to him in the silence ..
Love, Uta