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"Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence."

Thank you for this quote, Gloria...which was part of a recent thread with you and Jo.

There is something about these words that triggers something maybe let's see what:

Here i am Lord, reporting for duty...may it be thy will be done...not mine. This is a challenging one for so many of us...because...just speaking for me..."I want it my way! way but my, me me...this was been a voice in me that was quiite strong up to a few years ago. (I think also that this is a topic in today Heavenletter...10-10-07.

Man...this really gets down to the nitty this tiny jim voice going to prevail...or will it truly be; Increasingly for me, this tiny jim voice appears to be fading...for one thing it hasn't been successful in getting things and getting things Jim's way!

So...When I am able to this very moment...and the next and the next...a soft allowingness comes in that just desires to be and observe...and is very loving toward whatever it encounters...and it doesn't seem to have all of the opinions and values and judgements that Jim has had. Jimmy, actually, my inner child, is more grounded in this loving and allowing than jim is...but maybe that is another story!! tie this together with where I started, when I am able to rest in the loving and allowing...this state does feel much closer to "May Thy will be done"...leaving the personal: "I will do it my way" only a distant memory"

Alsol...when I am loving and personal agendas and motives...seem to fade...and also...with loving and allowing...i am definitely well provided for in vast and mysterious and many times surprising ways...

Any one else have any thoughts on this. Love and blessings...Jim

What a marvelous response!

What a marvelous response!

Dear Jim and Jimmy, can you figure out how to move your comment and put it under that thread? It will be good to keep it going there. That thread is open for everyone.

God bless you.

With love,


Oh Jim, wonderful and of

Oh Jim,
wonderful and of incredible beauty. You really have touched my heart with your posting.

You have expressed a great in a most beautiful way:

with loving and allowing...i am definitely well provided for in vast and mysterious and many times surprising ways...

Many thanks for this sharing !

God bless you

Gloria...I copied and pasted

Gloria...I copied and pasted my present comments back to the original thread: Under the "Lounge" section in the "Godwriters..." thread at the top.

This is perhaps the most salient theme brought up here...this ongoing invitation to see and even to be...from the larger perspective...the God perspective, if you will. to be so much in this presence...(I love the metaphor of the river) to be so immersed in the river...that you discover your new identity as the that it is of no concern where you have been...or where you will be are current!

thank you both...Gloria and Berit...for your loving comments. Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

this is so beautiful and

this is so beautiful and heartfelt and true...Jim...i usually don't post much here but just put something in and thought i'd stop by and glad i did...i love your all...the totality of you that resonates with us all on so many levels...keep expressing and watering the flowers and providing the sun by surrendering to Love and i wish to do the same...michael:)