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Question to tomorrow's Heavenletter - Heavenletter # 5843 – November 23, 2016 - Guilt Holds You Back

I have difficulties to understand the following passage:

I do not hand you a hair-shirt to wear. Don't give yourself more heartache with a view in mind of warding off what you may call your just desserts. Let yourself off the hook. You have punished yourself enough. Too much. End guilt now. Carry no medals of guilt.

Thank you for clarification!

Love, Clemens

Oh, sorry, now I have seen

Oh, sorry, now I have seen that "to get one's just deserts" means to get what one deserves. In the text of the Heavenletter only the word "desserts" has to be replaced with "deserts". That was a typo.

Thank you, dear Tina, for the hint!

Blessings, Clemens