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Conversation with Siomara and Gloria


Hi dear Clemens,

I am so glad that I can contribute to spread Heavenletters in portuguese!
Can you know how many people read it? I did not know that!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Lots of blessings,


Hi dear Siomara,

thank you for your new translation! Thank you for all the light and love you are giving! How great that you are here!

Yes, I can see the number of readers. The server indicates how many people opened the email. However, God tells us that we should not look at the numbers. God says that the influence of a Heavenletter goes far beyond the individual reader. Reading - and also translating! - a Heavenletter produces a vibration that fills the whole atmosphere of the world and reaches many people. So, although we have "only" about 12.000 subscribers worldwide (mostly English speaking) God says that we are effectively reaching millions of people.

God says that every translation is worthwile - even if it will be read only later, some time in the future. I think that Heavenletters are here to stay for a long, long time. They are such a gift and blessing to the world. And we all are blessed that we have the honor to work for them, that means to work directly for God.

Today, we have almost twice as many Portugese speaking readers in general than we had when you came in. And during those days when your acutal translations are sent out, the number of readers is again much higher. So, it is a very, very positive development - but let us follow God's advice and let us not stick to the numbers. Let us just do our work and serve God. It is assured that something good is happening.

Have a great Sunday!

Love, Clemens

God said:

"You are My own true love. You are the picture I painted.“
Heavenletter # 1906 A Grand Hall


Dear Clemens, what a beautiful email you wrote! Prompted by you, dear Siomara! Good for me to be reminded, for I do not understand why we don’t have 100,000 subscribers. It’s not from lack of merit.
Clemens, your email belongs to be posted on the forum, not limited to only the three of us. Will you do this, please? It would be good if all translator correspondence were shared on the forum. This is such beautiful inspiration. Who could not be inspired by it?
Siomara and Clemens, do you agree?
Love, Gloria


Dear Gloria and Clemens,

I agree with you Gloria!!!!
I am very honored to be a part of Heavenletters team (...)

God bless you all,

How blessed we are with

How blessed we are with translators. What a resource. Translators give from their hearts and strengthen the world. What a gift translators are. What a blessing. Great hearts spread God's Words and inspire..

Thanking Clemens and Siomara expressly on this page. God bless you and all the God-given translators.

We are looking for translators in every language. Please come let us know who you are!

With love and blessings,


Grateful 4ever