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A pure place in God's creation

As I was personally touched by the school shooting in Finland, and I needed some spiritual support, this forum was the only place that I could think of. And eventhough I understand the need to keep this place 'pure', I was just wondering whether it is purposeful to keep a place, where people pretend that everything is just fine. I mean, negative things happen to everyone, and maybe people would need some support from persons who have more light, like the people on this forum. Anyway, I am sure that a forum like this has a purpose of its own in God's creation, eventhough I cannot always see it.

With love,

Dearest Paula, I too as I

Dearest Paula,

I too as I think we all are touched by what has happend in Finland and what happens in our world. I don't think that we pretend everything's just fine, I mean we all are here for divine appointment and for a purpose, we are all here (at least that is what I personally think, I hope without hurting or offending no one) for our souls did make choices and still makes choices, we make experiences and so we all are in our journey, without pretending, I think. I am deeply touched by what happened and happens, I pray to God and I pray to God and I pray to God.... I try to send them my light and love... I don't know the divine plan and the divine why (for the why's are always important for me) for this but I trust in God and I trust in the divine play and I have faith. This does not mean that I don't see or feel the suffering, on the contrary.
So, I embrace you dearly and I think we can pray together and send all our infinite love to those involved, we can pray to their Spiritual Guides and Angels to help them at their best, although they already do so, but collective prayer is very powerful. So lets open our hearts together and give that of which we have abundance ....

Love and blessings to you dear

I take responsibility for

I take responsibility for all the beauty in the world and I take responsibility for all the ugly.

As awareness unfolds Truth reveals itself in what appears beautiful and what appears ugly.

Trusting in the Divine play and having faith guides us through the stormy seas when the rudder of understanding is broken.

It is natural for us as connected sensitive beings to feel the pain experienced elsewhere. It will pass.

I found breath helps with releasing/dissolving/transmuting pain. The sweet simple practice of deep,slow and powerful breaths with prayer can bring profound healing. I observed that after this practice my capacity to understand improved.

Everything is true. What

Everything is true. What Paula, Berit, and Wunluv say are so valid.

What I want to say is that I asked Paula to post what she did. I doubt she would have on her own. Paula is a mainstay of Heaven. Bear in mind that she translates Heavenletters into Italian every day. Keep reading.

Here's what the story was:

Paula posted the situation, her connection to the school, and asked that we all pray for all concerned.

I wrote to Paula and told her how I feel so strongly that our Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum is not meant to be a prayer group. It really just doesn't feel right to me. I can think of reasons for my point of view...

I have to run. Someone is honking the horn for me.

I'll continue later.

It seems to me that this is

It seems to me that this is not so much about prayer but about sharing ones feelings. The Heaven family is a community who sees through Heaven's eyes, hopefully. What does God say? We are reading so many HLs that we slowly become transformed by it. Our thoughts become more focused on love all the time. And by Paula turning to us, she wants to hear something different than what the news has to report.
Love, Veronika

God is Love and so are you! :-)

Continuing my response to

Continuing my response to dear Paula:

There are plenty of prayer groups all over. Something like 1600 on Google. Praying for others is not the purpose of Heavenletters. We can care without becoming a prayer group that invites others to tell us their story of woe. We know well enough that woe exists.

God tells us to refrain from reading the news. It is not heartening to keep reading about troubles of the world, and our focus on the troubles does not help the world any more than it helps individuals. We all know to put our attention on what we want more of and not what we want less of. That doesn't make us unreal. I do not feel real to pray on cue.

God tells us not to come from need. The love and support others hold for us is indeed wonderful. We can have that love without asking people to pray for us. Support is already here. I don't know of another forum with the grace and upliftment that this one has.

I believe in vibration. When we talk about troubles, it's a lower vibration than when we speak of God and love and kindness. We all know what heartache and woe are. I don't see the value in focusing on them here. Let's keep the vibration high.

I wouldn't use the word pure. I don't pretend to be pure. We don't have to pretend anything.
Are we pretending when we inspire?

Do you remember when a man went into a simple Amish school and started shooting the innocent children? From that unloving act, great love came. When the sister of one of the murdered children condemned the murderer to her father, the father said something like, "We must send love to him and his family." The Amish people went to the killer's funeral and gave comfort to the family he left behind. All the Amish community went. God bless them.

One of the children who lived told about a 13-year old girl who put herself in front of the other children and asked the man to kill her first. What an angel. So much bad press about teen-agers, and here was one thinking of saving the other children before herself.

During the Louisiana flood, there was a six-year old boy who took responsibility for his younger brothers and sisters, including a baby, and a neighbor's child, if I remember correctly, and brought them all to safety.

Even out of tragedy, there can be something beautiful.

Let's keep Heavenletters as a place for inspiration. Does the world need another forum that deals with bad news? Is there a lack of such forums or bad news?

There is another point I would like to make:

Personally, I feel uncomfortable when someone asks me to pray for them. I don't have more power than they do. God in Heavenletters says again and again that we are equal.

I am not comfortable with the idea of anyone's thinking that I can intercede for them or anyone else. I personally don't welcome a list of people to pray for. I'm not sure I even know how to pray. Frankly, even if I knew how to pray marvelously, why would anyone think I'm qualified to pray for someone else?

To my mind, if we were to become a prayer group, it would not be strengthening to Heavenreaders nor to the forum itself. I heard somewhere that a sage said when one person is crying and tells his friend, then there are two people crying.

I understand the power of prayer, even though I'm not altogether sure what prayer is. Maybe prayer is love in the heart.

And please do not think I am hard-hearted or that I am indifferent to Paula or anyone. To me, it made much more sense to have Paula ask a personal question to God, which she did.

God bless us all.

With love,


Dear Paula, Yes this forum

Dear Paula,

Yes this forum and Heavenletters are great support of me too. Because unfortunately awful things are happening in our world and sometimes we all feel ourselves really desperate :Criying: .

My country is a neighbour to Iraq, the madness in Iraq affects us deeply and spreads too, besides in the south-east part of my country -everday- people are killing each other. They are killing each other because their consciousness do not know any other solution. All TV programs are talking about thsese events and showing funerals and crying mothers and etc...

One day when I was watching TV-news, I felt that I was about to loose my mind towards this madness. I was crying sobbingly, suddenly I felt a very sweet voice within me (maybe for a moment I really lost my mind ;) becuse I hardly experience these kind of things ) nevermind, this voice was solacing me, and for a moment I felt myself that I was in huge, giant, soft arms, my crying stopped.

So life is such a thing, we get sad more than most of the people because we are maybe more sensitive etc. But anyhow we are learning to solace and relax ourselves too.



I appreciate and understand

I appreciate and understand Gloria's point of view, though I must say that I didn't think of traditional prayers, but just light being sent to persons in need. I know that God would want us to stop watching the news, but it's hard not to keep up with what is happening in the world, especially when it touches you so closely.

I agree that this forum must be kept clean of negativity, and I admire how Gloria has managed to do so. It's just that when I feel overwhelmed, like in these days, I don't feel like writing anything nice. Maybe I must learn to handle the energies on my own.

Anyway, here is what God says. His answer is, of course, so profound and loving! I copied it to a Finnish journalist whom I met in England a couple of weeks ago, and he said he'll write an article about it as soon as the shock will have settled in Finland.


Paula to God:

Dear God,

the shooting in the High School of Jokela, in Finland, touched my heart very closely, because I went to that school when I was young, and because my sister works there. I am not crying for myself though, but for all those Finnish people, who never expected anything like this to happen in their safe and peaceful country. I know that there is a deeper meaning behind everything that happens in this world, but in this moment I cannot quite see it. Can You, please, help me see with your eyes? And I thank you for the strength and hope you give to those who remain on Earth without their loved ones.

With infinite gratitude

Your daughter Paula

God to Paula:

Most beloved Paula, We can look at this in many ways. We can look at it in the common way and note the human suffering and be daunted. We can look at it as an explosion. We can look at it like typhoon or as an earthquake. We can look at it in many ways in between. In any case, this eruption has been building. It did not happen overnight. It has been building, and this time it erupted in Finland, land of your birth.

It is clear that this is a call for love. There has been a rash of lovelessness expressed in schools across the world.

This is a symptom, you understand.

And young people who express themselves in violence are also expressing that the world, as well as schools, need to give more love. Young people readily take on the cross of the world.

This is not to add blame to anyone. It is a seeming accident. At the same time, heed needs to be taken.

When love is offered its rightful place on a grand scale, when negativity has drawn its last breath, such things will not happen.

We can say that negativity in the world is making its last stand.

The world is rising, rising before Our very eyes, and old patterns of thought are hanging on for dear life. Schools need to revise themselves. Schools tend to be behind the times, sort of the last to know.

The concepts of punishment, discipline above love, deportment above heart, all these are on their way out. Other concepts are taking their place.

We can thank the ones even who caused this heartache because they were honest and they were fulfilling a need to alert the world that the time for negativity is up.

We bless all, perpetrators and victims. All served a higher purpose. Perhaps they can all be considered heroes. Have they not created a greater bond of caring that all are feeling now?

Beloved, do not hold grief to your heart. Grief is not such a wonderful thing. It has its value, yet there is greater value in looking beyond. All are sorry this happened. It did not have to happen. And yet it did happen, and there is purpose in its happening. It is already past. There is no need to keep the sorrow alive.

Do you think that those who have flown to Heaven are sorry? Do they feel they were denied something? Are they feeling grief or regret?

I give my love and blessings to all who weep, and I ask you to dry your tears and offer My love and blessings to all who remain. This is a good time for you to give love to even those who need it the most. Only love can heal the heartache. Only love. Give it all you’ve got. Give even more.

The shock is gone. Let peace fill your heart, and dwell there.

All is well,. All is well. God is in Heaven and on Earth, and you are My representative.

Have the courage to see the sun and extol it.

And now I surround you with light, and now you feel better.

Know My love. It is never missing.

I bless you with all My heart, for you are Myself.

God of your fathers, God of Love, and God of All

Many thanks to you dear

Many thanks to you dear Gloria for your detailed reply, for your transperancy and for sharing so openly your heart with us and many many thanks for sharing God's answer to Paula's question.

Love Light and Joy and big big hugs to all !!

Dear ladies, I went for a

Dear ladies, I went for a walk, while I was walking I ate a dozen of cookies. And I got the matter. :Criying:

Dearest Gloria I completely agree with you. This forum is a shelter, a harbour to me. Besides there are lots of, lots of other forums in which we can discuss the relative issues. Besides I am not good at praying. As to me, praying involves wishing. My prayings do not work all the time. Yet when I believe in something with whole my heart, this works and gets realized. This is my personal observation.

On the other hand what will we do when we have translators from Africa or from middle-Middle East, when we have subscribers from these parts of the world? In those places everyday hundreds of people, including children are dying due to diseases, wars or explosions etc. We do not know even their names. Because anchormen of the TV programs are talking about those people as if they are nameless masses. Then what will we do?

During all the day will we talk about them and get sad and hopeless? There are many many people on this planet who do only this. But we should do something different. Because WE KNOW!


Great love to those who lost

Great love to those who lost their dear ones in Finland and other parts of the world. Dearest Angels, I'm glad we all understand the rising of love in our great world.

Yes we will not pretend about some disturbing events in the world, but I think we are not the main stream media mogules, whose main business is using the human emotions to make money by spreading bad news.

I'm aware that no matter how bad a situation is we always look for a brighter moment, we all love love, we all have this love in our heart, we all wish we can wake up and the whole world is a loving places, but yet this is only wishes.

I understand that the highest prayer we can pray is to love, not to recite words as if God that IS ALL, has forgetten us, or that God is waiting to hear from us before our request is granted.

I think prayer means acceptance in our heart that what we seek is possible, not a request to God to accept to grant us what we want.

The greatest acceptance and prayer I think (my personal opinion) we can do is love, showing it, doing it and accepting it even when its not easy for us.

Dearest Paula, I do not mean that this is very easy, that our human mind can always ignore the seeming pain and sorrow that is happening in some places, but that we here will always, try to heal those pain with our love.

Thank you for your sincere and loving heart, more love to our world.

with gratitude and blessing


I thank you, Ekene, for your

I thank you, Ekene, for your kind and wise words. I agree, and with my mind I know that they are true. I should just have been able to wait until the emotions were not running so high anymore, but I think this discussion has been beneficial to the forum and to all.

You are right, it is not easy, but I hope I can learn ever better to follow these instructions from the Christ's way:

Daily I must remember that in the Kingdom of Heaven is only a KNOWING that tomorrow will be perfect because Divine Consciousness fills the minds and hearts of every dweller in the Kingdom. Therefore, I must avoid all alarmist talk. I will not get caught up in retelling the faults of others. I will not indulge my lower consciousness by contemplating the evils of the governments and the world. To build the Kingdom of Heaven I must withdraw from everything which I do not want to see perpetuated - otherwise the Kingdom will never take shape, or others may build it and I will be left behind. I will be shut out by the self-indulgent consciousness I am building every day

With God's Love,
Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

Hi Ekene, Your comments are

Hi Ekene,

Your comments are so appropriate to this dear soul who expressed her deepest feelings of regret over this incident in Finland.

Thanks for being such an ambassador of love.

Love is the answer, it always has been, it always will be...There is no prayer deeper or grander. :)

With Love and Gratitude for you,

Scott Arant