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Fellow Godwriters Check In

Gloria asked that we post this and respond here, so:
Fellow Godwriters,
I thought it would be fun to check in with everyone
now that we've had a couple of weeks to process and
practice. Sheila said something about the workshop
that keeps on working in her email, and that is so
accurate. It seems as though the workshop was the
foundation and the "building" grows taller each day.
Does anyone have an experience or story they'd like to
share? I've been asking for help in working with one
of my clients and the guidance that's been coming
through has been incredibly helpful. I realize I'm
saying this as though I'm surprised the Divine would
have such good suggestions :) It's really more that
I'm amazed the Godwriting is applicable to many other
situations, not merely my spritual path concerns!
Namaste All,

Beloved Jo, and I would like

Beloved Jo, and I would like to hear more of what you are experiencing.

By the way, I remembered something I forgot to tell everyone at the workshop.

I believe it is in a Heavenletter that God said something about starting every day with this:

"Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence."

The significance of this is, I believe, to reaffirm that God is always with us, and to establish that we have taken a step and are awake to God.

Since that Heavenletter (possibly it was in my personal Godwriting, not sure) I do begin personal Godwriting with that statement, and, when I remember, I say that when I wake up in the morning.

Jo, our comments aren't showing on the Community page. Hmm, I don't know why.

"Good morning, O Lord, I am

"Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy Presence."

Wow...thank you for these words, Glorai. there issomethinng about these words...and within me I want to respond. I will do this in a new thread. Thank you Gloria and Jo! Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Jim, I know you moved your

Jim, I know you moved your stuff over. It got deleted by mistake. I'm so sorry. Will you kindly do it again, and move over what belongs here and take it away from the other place? Is it possible?
The thing is to have it all in one place -- all those beautiful responses too. I'm afraid I messed it up.

Gloria and Jim, I was

Gloria and Jim,
I was fortunate to get to read Jim's posts before cyberspace made off with them. They were wonderful. What a lovely way to begin your Godwriting, Gloria: "Good morning, O Lord, I am in Thy presence." Following some recent insights (some of which were inspired by the Godwriting workshop) I would have to add the phrase, "And You (Thou?) are in mine." This recognition of Divine presence both "Within and Without" is everywhere I turn these days. I have glimpsed what we are all made of and it is magnificent beyond words, beyond thought. The story about the beggar-artist in the Godwriting Blog is a nice example of this. We, all of us, do indeed have Divine Magnficence within us. Two weeks ago, I wouldn't have been able to say this with conviction. Today, I believe it with all my heart and want everyone to experience it. Our hearts are so profoundly bright and beautifully Loving! If I were a Fairy Godmother, I would wave my wand and everyone on the planet would know this.

Gloria, I have a tiny

I have a tiny Godwriting about all this. How do I add/submit a Heaven Petal?
Thank you!

Beloved Jo, if you would

Beloved Jo, if you would like to have your Heavenpetal appear on the Godwriting blog, please send it to me. I will be very glad to have it.

If you would like it to be on the forum, submit it yourself. I don't know where to say exactly.

If your chosen Heavenpetal seems to fit under a day's Heavenletter, you could press the Add Comment link.

Perhaps later we can have a forum section for Heavenpetals, the Godwriting that people from workshops do. We need to figure it out.

I can't wait to see your Heavenpetal, dearest Jo.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Thanks, Gloria. Because it

Thanks, Gloria. Because it relates directly to this thread, I'm going to add it here:

"Jo to God:
I am still in awe of my experience of seeing the Light inside myself. What do I do with this? How do I shine it forth or let it shine forth, unimpeded?
God to Jo:
You don’t have to “do” anything with It. It is there, that is enough. Your knowing it is there, your accepting this, believing this, feeling this, has already changed you significantly and put wheels in motion. Wheels that will turn with no effort from you. There is no impediment to the Light you are talking about. It shines forth of Its own volition."

Wowee, this is wonderful!

Wowee, this is wonderful! Will you tell us more of what you are experiencing?

Dearest Jo, wonderful this

Dearest Jo,

wonderful this Godwriting and what a wonderful experience you have !! When we get the tiniest glimpse of the light and love we are we can only rest in awe. This is a wonderful turning point in your life and I have a feeling that all in Heaven are celebrating joyfully this experience !!

Love and blessings

Bless you, Berit! Can you

Bless you, Berit! Can you share your
experience(s) getting these glimpses and resting in awe? Wowee is right, Gloria! I'm not sure I can do justice to what I'm experiencing with words. I can only say that I had a moment in a workshop last Saturday where I felt the Divine Love and saw the Divine Light inside me, powerfully. And now it seems that there is NO doubt that it is there. While this appears to have happened in a moment, I know that there have been many instances and events leading up to this "certainty". Many others have contributed to my being in this place. Others who also have this Magnificent Divine Light inside of them. Every single one of us has IT - now that's one darn big hopeful scenario! An entire world of beings carrying this essence.
Wowee Zowee!

thank you Jo ffor your

thank you Jo ffor your question and the Divine response:

God to Jo:
You don’t have to “do” anything with It. It is there, that is enough. Your knowing it is there, your accepting this, believing this, feeling this, has already changed you significantly and put wheels in motion. Wheels that will turn with no effort from you. There is no impediment to the Light you are talking about. It shines forth of Its own volition."

I once asked my teacher how to receive and he replied: "does light need permission to enter through the pupils of your eyes?" In the same is available without effort...and in the subtlest form, it is the most potent!

Love and blessings, jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Hi Jo, Thanks for

Hi Jo,
Thanks for spearheading this section of the Godwriting tm blog.

I came to Iowa really not knowing in fullness what I was going there for...I still do not understand the fullness...but I am getting glimpses of the why's.

Since, I have left the workshop, I have had many themes come to my minds attention. It is like a question will come up to my consciousness, and then I will start to hear in a way God beginning to speak. I sense this excitement bubbling up inside of me that seems to say something like... " There is a word or message for you hear...are you ready to write it?" When, I sense this kind of inspiration I then in complete faith ask God to write through me. I also ask God to help me quiet my ego so that a clear message comes forth. I remember specifically in the Godwriting tm workshop Gloria asking us to be an instrument of love and blessing. We are all this as we are pieces of the divine. We all have something unique to share. Not one of us has a corner on this marketplace of God's words and messages. I remember Gloria stating that we don't have to strive for anything...just let the love and blessings flow in and through us to be the conduit of the divine we are.

Bless you fellow Godwriters tm. I am glad to have taken the workshop as it has been exciting to open up to this aspect of God talking in and through us. It shouldn't seem odd or unusual though. It is as natural as our divine natures.

Blessings and Love to All,


Scott, somehow I had missed

Scott, somehow I had missed this beautiful posting of yours and just discovered it this morning.
I tell you, I practically swooned reading this. You express so exquisitely the experience of God's entering our lives and His nudging Godwriting to come.

I love the expression you used -- Conduit of the Divine. That title belongs to us all, those who presently Godwrite and those who haven't yet.

I love Godwriting -- yours, mine, everyone's -- and I love reading and talking about Godwriting. Fills my heart.

Thanks, Scott.

With love and blessings,


Hello Sweetheart

Hello Sweetheart Gloria!
Sorry it has been so long since I wrote anything. I have been having some health issues and they seem to be under control now. I am not sure where to write of my Godwriting but I wanted to write of my first experiences beginning with the Godwriting workshop with you in Fairfield on 22 and 23 September 2007. If this is not the appropriate place then please put it where it belongs and send me a sharply worded note to straighten up:-) I really loved the workshop but what I really cherish is the fact that I got to finally meet you and we met some wonderful loving and caring people there. They were so supportive and that made it easier to open up. I am so grateful they were all there.

First Godwriting on 22 Sep 07 (Note: there was a beautiful little violet flower on the table that had the most exquisite smell to it ......I just couldn't stop sniffing it. I held it to my nose most of the afternoon).

David to God, Dear God:
Your love and Your presence in my life have been like this flower, a sweet perfume that stirs my very Soul and helps me be a better person. I thank You for never leaving me.
God Said:
I could never leave you My Son. Our Love has always been and will ever be.

David to God, Dear God:
Please help me to hear your voice more clearly. I am like a man who has starved for years and existed on mere scraps when he could have been enjoying a feast of the most exquisite delicacies.
God said:
My beautiful Son David, it is true I will never leave you hungry. I will fill you up and the more you open up to me the more full you will feel. Your heart will overflow.

Second Godwriting 23 Sep 07

David to God, Dear God:
I want the Peace of God. How can I have that today…this moment? Now?
God Said:
The bell clanging nearby (Note: There was a church bell ringing not too far away) sends out a certain vibration just as my Love sends out a certain vibration. It envelops you. It permeates you (Note: Suddenly I had a vision of atoms and molecules existing everywhere and radio-like waves flowing through them all) and when you surrender you too remember that you are the same vibration. All that you see and come into contact with comes under the same spell of your love. You create your own Peace through surrender. But then the Peace was always there. It was there already and you just stilled you mind, focused on “what is” and thereby you removed the only obstacle to Peace that exists: your self, with a small “s”. You re-membered your greater Self.

All my love to you and all those fellow workshop attendees,

Well, Dave, between today's

Well, Dave, between today's Heavenletter (Sage of the Universe) and your posting, I am overwhelmed with the beauty of life and all the gifts of the universe.

I love your Godwriting. The same God talks to you as talks to me. Isn't it amazing. I feel like I don't have to do my personal Godwriting this morning because you did it for me. I got my dose of God's love this morning through you.

I love how present your Godwriting is. The flower, the church bell. The relative world and you and God so intimately connected.

And you even received images of atoms! Wow. Atoms of love, I think, Dave.

Thank you so much for sharing your Godwriting with all of us.

Love and blessings,


Dave, Scott, Gloria and

Dave, Scott, Gloria and Godwriters (this means Every One of us),
Scott, I loved your statement about us all being "pieces of the Divine". Thanks for the reminder! Dave, thank you for sharing your early Godwriting. It's as powerful today as it was last month in the upstairs room of the bookstore. I agree with Gloria about how "present" your writing is, that lovely blend of Sprirtuality and groundedness. I continue to be amazed at the instant access to Divine wisdom/love that Godwriting provides. And I love how you all keep pointing out that, yes, it is accessible to each one of us.
Thank you, Gloria
Thank you God Team
Thank you Fellow Godwriters!
Have a perfectly Divine Day,

Dearest David and dearest

Dearest David and dearest all here,
reading all these wonderful divine postings is really uplifting and brings me right to heaven.

How I love this here David:

"You create your own Peace through surrender. But then the Peace was always there."

It's so beautifully expressed and so true. Your Godwriting is amazingly beautiful dear David, many thanks for sharing this with us.

God bless you

Dear Berit, Thank you so

Dear Berit,
Thank you so much for your comments about the Godwriting. It seems like the more I am able to let go, the more powerful and immediate the answer. Letting go seems to be the same as "getting out of the way". So I am doing my best to just get out of the way and allow this Divine Locomotive Who will not be stopped to just charge down the page with my pen in my hand trying desparately to keep up! :-)
I once heard that Jakob Lorber (July 22, 1800–August 24, 1864) was called "God's Scribe". Herr Lorber said he was sleeping and Jesus told him to get up and write. He wrote for the next 24 years, hardly pausing to rest. Little did I know that someday Gloria and the Godwriting workshop would help me to be a little like one of my personal heroes. Love to all,

David - terrific

David - terrific analogy:"the Divine Locomotive Who will not be stopped" for Godwriting! Thank you for sharing about Jakob Lorber. What an alignment! Letting go and getting out of the way seems like such simple advice, but it isn't always easy. SIGH - especially when the EGO shmeego really likes standing in the way. Godwriting practice truly helps to take ego off the tracks.
Shine on All,

A blog entry will be coming

A blog entry will be coming out soon that begins with what you wrote above, David!

If Berit had not responded to you, would you have posted these beautiful words you did?

I think that comments people write in response to posts may be the key to the beauty and harmony of this spiritual forum. I believe that posting is a form of service.

God bless you all.

Dearest David, I looked up

Dearest David,

I looked up "your personal hero" Jakob Lorber, very very interesting indeed. A proper website fully in italian language is available (I live in Milan).
How right you are with describing so well the "letting go" / "getting out of the way", and I had to smile because mentally I saw trying to keep up whith the Locomotive going full speed !!
To Godwrite is a wonderful, incredible and never ending blessings. I believe it comes from a deepest and strongest desire to come into contact with God / with our very essence / with our divinity and to spread the wonderful messages to all those who'd love to hear !!!!
Looking for more Godwriting from you dear David !

Love Light and Joy and big hugs