Promise Fulfilled

God said:

Call out what man is capable of. This is what Christ and all the Great Ones did. They fulfilled their promise. Promise fulfilled is potential come true.

Possessed of great power, you are timid about it. Now is time to be bold with the power I have invested in you. Fulfilled, you will be the fulfillment of all that is dreamed of in Heaven and on Earth.

As a child of God, you have unimagined glory and power. You have muscles unused, unnamed and as yet unborn, unborn because you have not yet conceived them. As an arm muscle can burst a metal band around it, so can you burst through the steel of thoughts that oppress you. You have muscles yet to flex.

Today is the inception of greater thought and realization.

I take you into My front room today, and I initiate you into the tablets of great life on Earth. This is an escalation of what has always been. This is not new. You have been on the threshold for a long time. Now you are crossing the threshold. Now you are going beyond hesitation. Now you are entering the great halls of life.

Now you are love expanded. Now you are love bursting through. Now you have the knowledge beyond life and death which is the simple knowledge of Truth. You are a Knight of Truth. By your very Being, you now slay the dragons of ignorance and stealth. You slay them by walking out of them. You unsheathe yourself. You bare your heart. It bursts forth from you, and new flowers bloom on Earth. Your heart is fertile. Where there was desert, now love.

The same way water rises, the love in your heart overtakes the world. There is a tide of love that will not be stilled. It will not be kept back any longer. This is the rebirth of Christ. It is love reborn, love revisiting the Earth, love covering the Earth, love proclaiming itself on Earth. From the rafters of Heaven, love is announced, and love becomes the way of the world. There is no other way.

All other ways have fallen short. Only love reaches far enough. Only love will do. Nothing else will satisfy.

Who will be the first to pick the flower of love and scatter its seeds so that a new world takes root? Who will entwine new vines? Who will be the first to see new flowers emerge, new fruit grow and new fruit ripen? It will be you.

This is not magic, this evolution of the heart. Your heart, kept in shadows for so long, is peeking out. It will see, and It will be seen. It will emerge all the way. All hearts will be bared. From this day forth, the heart of God shall reign. Where shall it reign but in your heart? No longer sequestered, hearts will come out of hiding. They will declare themselves.

I, God of Heart, have willed this. What I will comes to fruition. You, My beloveds, are the bearers of the fruit of My dreams. You are My promise on Earth made visible, made bold, made lively, made to burst forth into stardom.

New Age is not a great enough name for such a fertile crop of the world. Promised Land is not great enough. Only Heaven is great enough. So Heaven on Earth is being born this day. This is Heaven’s day in the court of Earth. Heaven has its say, love has its way.

From this day forth, everything is changed. It is changed by the simple fact that hearts emerge from shadow. Emerged from shadow, hearts create light, and the ignited world begins its course around the Sun, and only Sun is, for love will have burst forth and taken over the entire world simply because you are in it.

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This message is so bold and

This message is so bold and beautiful! I say yes to it! Jim(i)

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.