Love Alone You Are

God said:

It is really true that what you engender swings itself back to you. Know that all the good you do is returned. It is returned in the moment of giving, and it also returns again and again. The good you give is far-flung.

Consider the good you give like a herd of elephants that belong to you. They have left the corral vociferously, and they find their way back. They may come back to you all at once thunderously, or they may come back to you slowly one by one. All the beautiful elephants will inevitably come back to you. All the love you give will assail you.

Do not doubt this for a moment. I know you do doubt it. You feel you have given away so much love, and it never came back, or, if it did, it stayed for only a moment.

You do not need to lure these beautiful elephants back to you. You do not have to call them nor seek them out. They will come of their own accord. Deliver more love and more, and then your love becomes like breadcrumbs your beloved elephants follow. Toss out more crumbs. Toss out the whole loaf.

Beloveds, it is enough to cast the bread upon the waters. No need to stand by the shore waiting for the bread to return. No need to watch the tide to know it comes back. No need to watch the sun to know it rises. No need for anything, beloveds, except this magnificent fine-tuned ensemble called love. Hold the flute of love to your lips, and the voice of angels accompanies you.

An angel sings and dances with every note of your flute of love. How many angels dance at your feet? What are angels but My thoughts of love responding to your love, dancing and dancing with it.

O beloveds, there is a wave of love coming. It will knock you over. You will not be able to withstand it. There is a pied piper of love coming. You have no choice but to answer and follow along. Who would not want to get out of his chair and follow love? Who would keep his feet still when the song of love is playing? And the song of love will play, and you will not be able to get it out of your head. You will be prolific in love. You will be a band of love. You will beat the drums, and you will bang the cymbals. You will tap dance love, and you will waltz it, and you will know you are love somersaulting across the heights of life.

You will be an entourage of love. When the streets are filled with love, you will give love as naturally as you breathe. You will be caught in a force of love so powerful that you will breathe love in and out deeply. You will strew love with abandon. You will strew love without a thought of it. Giving love will be so natural and overflowing that you will swim in it. The whole universe will become an ocean of love, and all will be afloat, and all will be in the joy of the waters of love.

You will be swept up in the arms of love. You will be thrown high. You will be caught in the embrace of love from which you will know no other. You will begin to see that love cannot be differentiated. You will be swallowed up by love, and you will know you are also the swallower of it, and you will know yourself, and you will know love alone, and you will know that love that alone you are.