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Polar bear or Let's play

Stuart Brown describes Norbert Rosing's striking images of a wild polar
bear playing with sled dogs in the wilds of Canada's Hudson Bay
The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his
huskies when the polar bear> materialized out of the blue, as it were:
Obviously it was a well-fed Bear
The Polar Bear returned every night that week to play with the dogs...

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Loved it! Thanks

Loved it!

Thanks Hagi!

WOW, Precious,

WOW, Precious, Beautiful!,,,,,,,that is what my husband said, when he saw the pics. And he should know, having spent some summers above the Arctic Circle and having had close encounters with grizzly bears. He has also seen and admired the husky dogs at work.


I am recently getting a lot

I am recently getting a lot of amazing things regarding animals and nature in my emails. Isn't internet such an amazing thing ? I guess if we lived 50 years ago, We can only hear about things like that or see it once in a lifetime in the newspaper or something like that...And today, With the abundance of information, Everything is accessible, We just need to focus on what makes us feel good...