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Saving the horses

Berit said:

"I'm glad you love this picture, I too love horses so much, I had one myself when I was a girl. I really love them.
I once saw a kind of report about a couplel who held a farm and a lot of land for old horses, or horses who weren't able any more to be ridden, and so.... no one wants them any longer. It was a wonderful reportage and I'd love to do something like that !"

Dear Berit,

Isn't it interesting that you mentioned your desire to help horses, and I just read in our local newspaper wich had a full page article, on exactly that subject?
In the article there is mention of Ferndale Institution, which is a minimum prison located next to a maximum prison and both are surrounded by large acerage. Some of the land has been planted but other, lays unused and so it was perfect pasture for the horses. I remember seeing them grazing there for at least a year or more. Too bad that, that ended up not working out in the end. For the inmates it is definitly therapeutic to take care of animals, I think. Here is the link to the newspaper: and then, click on "Saving the horses" (Octb.4)

Maybe your dreams will come true? It is a beautiful dream.