Play Catch with Love

God said:

You can ask yourself in any given moment: "Is this love I am feeling? Is it love I am coming from?" Then, when the answer is no, why, then, simply turn to love.

It is as if you are carrying a knapsack. When one shoulder gets tired, you simply put the knapsack over the other shoulder and whistle along on your merry way. The tired shoulder is the signal that there needs to be a shift. If love is the knapsack, you simply change your position and so you get more comfortable. Less than love reminds you to get back to it.

Sometimes you forget about love, the concept of love. You get caught in the hurly-burly. You think about numbers or how frightened you feel, and, as far as your attention is concerned, love has flown out the window. But love isn't going anywhere. It's just that you have sat on it. Let your love be a bird that flies out of your heart and takes you with it. You are part and parcel of love. Go with it.

Let love be the flag you carry.

Let your love be long tresses blown by the wind. Let your love be gossamer curtains at the window. Let your love be shimmering light. Without care as to who sees and who does not see it, let your light shimmy through tree leaves and reach the sun it came from. I am waiting to see a display of your love, not for the sake of fireworks, but for My sake. I am the end recipient of all your love. It all comes back to Me, and then I fling My love out to the universe again, and again you catch it, and so we play catch with love again and again. We will never tire of it. Love keeps you aloft. Love is your chariot to Me.

Can you imagine a world without love? It is too terrible to imagine. Yet you have imagined it. You have seen greed and selfishness and war and distrust, and you may have swung your eyes over to them, those things that are less than love. Now, just as easily, bring your eyes back to love, and you will see sunrise, and you will see light coursing through the universe. As your heart lifts, you heighten the world. Your heart is the lever of the universe. You are My proponent of love.

Anything but love is just a filler. It merely keeps open the place set aside for love. It sits in love's seat for only a little while. As soon as love enters, anything less than love gets up and gets out of the way of love. It was just keeping love's place warm. Anything less than love knows it is nothing but a place-holder.

No hate nor greed nor envy nor crime nor anything at all can stay in the presence of love. All bow down and then leave the room. Negativity cannot be in the same room with love. Love dis-empowers anything less than love. Anything but love disintegrates in the ever burning flame of love. Love is a great purifier. There is nothing like love. And there is nothing else but love. Only love remains. Everything else leaves soon or late. Only love stays. Love is its own starburst.