If You Knew How to Love

God said:

If you knew how to love, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you bless every thing and every being in the world if you knew how to love? What would dismay you when you knew how to love and knew you knew and knew you were proficient at it?

Love comes to play in the little matters as well as the big. Love is not this huge drama you may have thought. Love is where you are coming from. Now is the time for you to know the love you are, and then allow yourself to be it.

Love is not someone else, and love is not circumstances. Circumstances may pull your love out or push it back, yet love cannot be stemmed. The tide of love is mighty, and it is yours. You are the love the world seeks.

Your love matters. Even if you live in a little room somewhere and never went out, your love matters. Even if there is no window in the little room, wherever you are is love. Your own love may have been undiscovered. Certainly you haven't discovered it, or, if you have, you haven't honored it.

When you love, you do not dissuade yourself of annoyances. You do not deny annoyance. You merely step over annoyance as you would a puddle. You don't stare at the puddle. You don't order it to go away. You merely step over it or walk around it.

In terms of your life, the other side of the puddle is love. Cross over the puddle. The puddle doesn't have to have the power to make your love sputter. You simply move towards love. This is your intention. You do not give a backward glance to the puddles of annoyance. You have stepped over them.

Let your intention today be that you come from love. Not from cleverness, not from ego, not from despair, not from anything but love. You have this intention now. Consider it like a shirt you put on. You only have to put in on once today, and then it's on, and it takes care of itself. You don't have to remind yourself that your shirt is on. It stays on by itself.

And so today intend to dissolve whatever occurs in love. You have enough love to do this for the world. The world knows it needs something, and it waits for it. You do not wait to give it. Where there is a lack of love, a glance from you will fill that empty space. There is not anyone or anything on Earth that does not want more of your love. Love is neutral. It blends in. Your love is wanted, but your particular love is vast and, in one sense, it has nothing to do with you. It emanates from you, yet it is My love you pass on. There really is no difference in love. Love is love, whatever the instrument of it, and whatever its style.

Love is like pure mountain water. Wherever it flows, it is the same love.

Your love acknowledges Oneness.

Your love doesn't have to be an act of love. Love will beam from you. It will be felt. It will be received. Silently you can give love, and it will be heard. He who hears your love may hear it as a far-off song coming from he knows not where. The thing is, no matter how faint, he hears it.

The song of love you sing is My song. You heard it first from Me. You carried the tune of love along with Me. First you hummed and finally you burst into song. I hear you singing now.

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