Open, Open, Open

God said:

Break away from the idea of either/or. You do not have to relish opposites, nor do you have to dislike them. It is not necessary to have a mentality that relishes opposites to an extreme. You don't want to be so quick to throw out possibilities. Be open instead.

Where is it written that something has to be good or bad, black or white, happy or sad? Something can be good and bad, not black or white but in between or even closer than that. With words, you do not want to condemn one aspect of life over another. Everything is not as you may think it is.

People can be equally wonderful yet carry vastly different opinions. Better not to put too much stock in opinions. Opinions change. As you grow, what you make of something also grows. What you make of things in life changes. What is modern today is old-fashioned tomorrow and may well become a treasure later on.

You have heard of famous last words. An opinion of yours now may be opposite to an opinion once upheld or opposite to an opinion you may hold in the future.

We are speaking of the relative world. An outdoor temperature of 50 degrees Fahrenheit may feel warm at the end of winter and very cold in autumn after a long hot summer. What is old or young depends upon your age and where you are coming from.

Taste is a matter of opinion. Who is to say someone's taste is right, and someone else's taste is wrong? Most everything in the relative world is a question of taste. May opinions be considered as a matter of taste and not be judged, opposed, or slandered.

Your opinions don't have to be right, and someone else's opinions don't have to be wrong. Opinions are just opinions, nothing more.

If it is good for you to think for yourself, it is good for someone else to think for himself as well.

Two beautiful trees do not compare nor contrast their leaves in autumn. All colors are beautiful. One tree doesn't say he is better than another. One tree doesn't say another tree is not so beautiful as himself.

What you see as beautiful is beautiful. This is true, yet what is a prize to you may not be a prize to another.

You like to spend your time one way or another, and someone else may like to spend his time very differently from you.

You are not in a contest. You are not trying to win a race. Everyone chooses to enjoy as he does, even when what he enjoys is not what you enjoy.

You may like bright colors, and someone else may favor pastel colors. Who can say that one color is better than another? This is an opinion, not a fact. It may be a fact right now that you prefer green to blue. Your preferences are free to change. You are free to prefer any color you happen to prefer at any given moment. Opinions are not laws.

You are free to let everyone else have any preference they happen to have. Others' opinions belong to them and not to you. You are not the foreman of how other people think.

There is place in the world for everyone.

Some people prefer the mountains, and others prefer the sea.

By and large, many people simply find themselves where they happen to be. They were born there, or they were like a seed from a dandelion puff who was miraculously blown to a particular spot by the wind. Others may have traveled the world to find where they wanted to live. Others may live in the same house all their lives.

Who can say what is best in life and when and for whom?

There are all possibilities in the world. Who is to deem that only some possibilities carry gold and others do not?

Be happy where you are. Where you are is not the whole story.

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My opinion is not to have one.

"There exists no good nor bad, humans only make it so."


"Opinions are not laws." Opinions come from the mind and I find it very comforting to know my precious innocent Heart does not have opinions. Thank you sweet innocent Heart.

Love it!

Love it!