Seek Truth

God said:

We come back again and again to your not taking life so seriously. There is no end to life. There is nothing that stops life or even pauses it except as your thoughts prevail.

You announce life to yourself. You see life as a matter of life and death. You say so.

You see emergencies. You see urgency. You see hurry, hurry. You gasp: "Heaven help us."

You see provocation. You may slur over blessings, so caught up are you in slights and injuries of life as you perceive them hastily right off the bat on Earth.

If you could look back on life – not that I am telling you to do so – likely you would remove 90% of those incidents you named Dire Casualties and move them into the category of Lesser Incidents. You would. You know you would.

You assail yourself with your thoughts, accusations really.

You tense yourself. You waylay yourself. You put your dukes up as a ready measure.

You are an alarmist. You alarm yourself. You are ready to cry "Wolf" at the drop of a hat. You are fraught with danger. You hang out with danger. You would like to get out of the way if only you knew where the safety zone could be..

You string yourself up. You pull the rope. You ring the bell.

You do choose flight or fight any day of the week.

You are your own marauder.

You are the Call to Arms you hear.

Fear follows you. It is ahead of you as well. You are surrounded with fear. You are overcast with fear. You mistake Life for danger. You precipitate danger. You are on the look-out for it. Seek danger, and ye shall find.

Seek Truth instead of fear.

Be a Spender of Love and not a miser of it.

Convert fear into Love of Life. One moment of Life is precious. You are precious goods.

Life is a blessing if you could but acknowledge this. You are blessed beyond measure. This makes you a blessing. Accept.

Wondrousness is not lost in a woods. You declared yourself a Stranger in Paradise. You are no stranger. You deter yourself. Identify yourself. You are Love. Love yourself then. Reconfigure yourself.

You are not a pirate. Nor are you a prisoner. You knocked yourself out in order to come to Earth. Regain your excitement. Be pre-emptive. Free yourself from want.

Clean the lenses of your eyes. See Me. See Me. See yourself as you truly are, not this waif you reduce yourself to.

You are an embodiment of God. You are not a scapegoat. You are a wonder on Earth. You are wondrousness.

Sometimes you make yourself your own hostage. You simply tie yourself up in knots and won't let go.

Surrender yourself to Me. Give up nothing. Gain everything.

No love is wasted. Love is free for everyone. Love frees you. Love frees you to Me. Settle down in My heart. Claim yourself. Claim your True State as love. Love the Universe. Less than love is a false myth. It is raucous.

Lean back. Rest your rattled head on My shoulder.

Occupy yourself with Love, for there is nothing else real to occupy yourself with. Love is all you have, and Love is what you are. The Truth of you is love. Accept this. Melt away all the defenses and declare them no longer.

The dawn has come. You are the dawn. You are the Rising Sun, so rise then. Take Me to heart and yourself not so much.

Declare that Life has begun once and for all. Life has begun for real. Truth is declaring itself. There is greater than an amnesty from war. The Bells of Truth are ringing and pealing all over the world.

Strum the guitar of peace while you are at it. Now is a good time.