One Ocean of Love

God said:

How love assails itself in hearts. Love is truly a one-man show. Love is from yourself and to yourself. Love is from Me and to all of Me. Yes, love is a monologue. In the world, there are shades of love, degrees of love, love found, love unfound, varied demonstrations and silence of love, love an inner dialog. You are the speaker of love and the listener. You are the receiver of it, and the giver.

We could say that love is a soup on the stove, and you stir it. The soup makes eddies as it is stirred, and yet the pot of soup on the stove is still the same pot of soup before it was stirred. You are a stirrer of love.

When you pick fruit from an apple tree, you can only pick apples. The Oneness of apple trees bears many apples, not two exactly the same, and yet apples are apples.

How innocent is love. Love is not complicated.

Love has been compared to magnets that attract.

In Our case, one magnet attracts itself. All the hearts in the world are One. All the love in the world is One.

And I have said enough that all that exists in the world that seems to be made of so many things is love. Nothing else exists. No matter how many dictionary definitions of a million other concrete and abstract words, love alone is. Everything is love, and everything you know is made of love. Life is made of love. Without love, life would not be. Life is love made manifest, or, is it love that is life manifest? Who can tell the difference?

I have told you many times that you are love. No matter how bedraggled you feel your love is, you are love any way you slice it. You are not a little love or big love. You are love, and that’s all you are.

Yesterday I told you that all the people in the past that you have seeming exiled from your heart, you really loved them even as you held them as an object of your dislike. All the while, they were yourself that you also have seemingly ousted from your own heart due to one reason or another or no reason at all except that was one of the habits you gleaned from the world. The world has often played the role of a seeming critic, and how this critic pans and pans love and pulls it out of shape. The world judge bangs love over the head and says it’s not love, and so the world dubs itself unlove and, therefore, unloving.

Nevertheless, love remains firm. It is the world that is wiggly jello, not love. It is the world that is runny custard, not love. It is the world that is a leaky faucet that comes in dribs and drabs. Nevertheless, there is love, and love alone. No matter what mishmash is made of love, love is all that is.

Let’s come back to love. Let’s make no bones about it. A human being is a Being of Love. A world made of Beings of Love can only be a world of love. Love disguised, love squeezed here and there, love turned on or off here or there, love, no matter how battered, trammeled, dented is nonetheless love, and love is all there is.

No longer see yourself as a frog trying to get out of a little pond. You are a Great Being in a Great World that is really an Ocean of Love.

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Playing leap frog in God's back yard?

What on earth is "IS"?

Good question. Love is IS, as love becomes the fabric of existence.
But, love only functions in the Living Present.
Living Present is only present in the holy instant of NOW.
Love must always wait for now to manifest the energy of creation.
Now can occur in power only with our thought, contemplation and the silence of the mystery.
The mystery can only be blocked by noisy heads that worry about tomorrow.
So: "Give up worry, stay in NOW, go within to your very own garden.
Let Gloria show you how to pick beautiful flows from within. it's fun, it shows you who you really are and always have been.



so even if your emotionally abused be happy your is abuse??????

All is Love and Love is all, even abuse.

Life uses all teachers. Each moment teaches us about life. We choose the lesson that helps us grow. Sometimes we just run and hide. That too is a lesson of sorts.

The best lesson is LOVE in all it many ways. Love teaches us what's hot by hurting us.

Life's like that.


L I F E = Love In Full

L I F E = Love In Full Expression

L O V E = Life's Only Vital Energy

I love this!

I love this!