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From one cookie to another

It is both an honor and a pleasure to love you right now. You may ask why I love you. Why... because I cannot help myself. I have to. Lately, especially... so much love comes into me that I have to share it otherwise it will expand so much inside me that I might I share it. This sharing makes way for more love to enter and then for more to share. Why do I love you... a person that I may not already know in a "normal", personal way? It's kind of hard to answer but I will try. Love loves to love...and this love that comes through me is really love from God...and God really knows what He/She is doing. So it feels like love is coming through share with you...cause it wants to! That's all that it wants to share about why. So...I am loving you right now...and it is my profound honor to do so...cause you, like me, are an amazing, delicious child of God. We're all like little cookies baked by God...and we're all very scrumptious. As we alknowledge our scuptiousness, which is another word for the love... within ourselves and others, we begin to wake up!! Pinocchio did. Loving you always, Jimy (ps...Jimy is my inner child) jim.



I LOVE YOU TOOO BECAUSE GOD LOVES YOU TOO, BECAUSE HE LOVES ME TOO, BECAUSE HE CREATED US AND WE ARE ALLLLL ONE BIG ORCHESTRA whose members should love eachother to make the best music!!!!!!! :thumbup:



Dearest Jimy, dearest

Dearest Jimy, dearest Engin,

what lovely scrumptious cookies you are !!! Oh Jimy, how I love your explosion of love, how deeply and joyfully I feel it, it's God embracing us all. We are love, we are one, we are God's beloved children, we are.
Love loves to love and I send you sweetest Jimy and sweetest Engin all my love, wonderful soft and warm love waves, love beyond time and space, love from and for the Universe and from and for our beloved Earth.
Dearest Jimy, I have started to write down each day special thanks to God for all He bestows on me as well as all extraordinary things. On the list of today I've already written thanks for the wonderful check out lady I did meet at the supermarket this morning, thanks for a gentle and smiling gentlemen before me in line and now I will add thanks for you posting here, for that's are REAL SPECIAL GIFT. So, thanks to God, thanks to you and love love love to you !!!!

Love Light and Joy


Dearest Engin and

Dearest Engin and Berit...Thank you so much...for your sweet loving...This site is so remarkable...and unique....where people can come together to honor and love one another. So thank you God for this site...thank you for all the loving souls on this site. And a special thank you to myself...for someone having the courage, inspite of everything...or maybe because of everything! live a life of increasing honesty...and increasing willingness to open my heart still further. Thank you jim...and thank you Jimi...who...if the truth be so close to words left on that one! maybe just to say that the child such a precious, tender, and exquisite presence...maybe Holy Spirit is a synonim...but a presence cetainly to be embraced and listened to!!! Thank you Jimy...I am at your feet...Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

dear Berit and dear Jimy

dear Berit and dear Jimy Jim, dear scrumptious cookies all,

I love youuuu all, I thank you all,

besides of the cookies, I do love aaaaallllll kind of pastry, all kind of pastry sweet or salty, alllll cakes with chocolate or fruits or nothing, with cream or nuts. All pastas, all pizzas, all pastry of local cuisine :Rolleyes:

I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove....I have been getting a bit plumper but who cares :Rolleyes: , Earth is a glob as well :big :thumbup:

Hi Jimy I love this is

Hi Jimy I love this is great... God makes us all unique individual and different, yet so many kinds of varieties of cookies.. We have so many choices to choose from, Rich Tea, Digestives, Chocolate chips, Custard Cream. I wonder which are your favourites. Sorry i missed your other poems but enjoying them now. Luv Daisy

Thank you dear daisy. Yes,

Thank you dear daisy. Yes, God makes so many different cookies...and he loveingly bakes them so that loves gets baked into them. And as we awaken to this...that we are this love...we can then really to love and laugh...and be real again. Love and blessings...Jim and Jimi.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.