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To Gloria

I just read some of your story. I know Jeshua very well. I am just in the process of translating the transcript of his teaching as given in THE WAY OF MASTERY. Now he brought us together. By the way, the picture of Jesus you mention, is not the same as the one manifested by Sai Baba. My husband Sid is a Sai devotee and knows the picture.
Love you! V.

Dearest V., Can you figure

Dearest V.,

Can you figure out how to attach the photo your husband has?

I copied that picture of Christ from a book that said it was the one Sai Baba manifested.

Although it is hard for me to imagine that I could love any picture more than this one, I would truly love to see the authentic one.

In your comments here and on the blog, you are alerting me to many things, and I sure thank you.

With love and blessings,


Hmm, I am wondering why my

Hmm, I am wondering why my reply above does not show up on the community page!

It does show up on the

It does show up on the community page. You have to be logged in to see the most recent comments though.

The site has a "cache" that stores a version of any page in memory for 15min. Anonymous visitors to the site will see a "cached" version of any page. Lets use this page for example. An anonymous (not logged in) visitor who visits this page within 15min of me clicking the "Post Comment" button, will not see my comment, nor will they see it in the community page.

One Love

So, once again, it looks

So, once again, it looks like I need to develop patience!

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Dear Sister, As you are One

Dear Sister,
As you are One with God Who is infinite patience and has created you like Himself, you too, have infinite patience. You need to develop nothing. Just have the litttle willingness to drop anything you have taken on board which is unlike him (impatience) and you will feel that you are Patience.
Love and peace, trueimage

P.S. Just found this in ACIM:


Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety. Patience is natural to the teacher of God. All he sees is certain outcome, at a time perhaps unknown to him as yet, but not in doubt. The time will be as right as is the answer. And this is true for everything that happens now or in the future. The past as well held no mistakes; nothing that did not serve to benefit the world, as well as him to whom it seemed to happen. Perhaps it was not understood at the time. Even so, the teacher of God is willing to reconsider all his past decisions, if they are causing pain to anyone. Patience is natural to those who trust. Sure of the ultimate interpretation of all things in time, no outcome already seen or yet to come can cause them fear.

For certain, God has

For certain, God has infinite patience!

Dearest Veronika, well

Dearest Veronika, well that's lovely surprise, I mean your husband being a devotee of Baba, OM SAI RAM to your dear husband. I hope to get to India next year, all that I need is a HUGE HUGE miracle... I think I know the photo you are talking about and I have some books but not the book in question, I had it but it was not mine and I gave it back.
Could it be "My Baba and I" from John Hislop ? Well if someone gets to post this wonderful picture I would be so glad !!!!

Love and blessings