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O Children of Mine

O Children of Mine
My Loves beyond time
"Outside", you play
With fear
In the dark
While, all the while
Not only are you in the light
You Are The Light
The Safety of My Life
You make believe and pretend
Of "being on top"
Or "in sin"
Of grandness, favored, tipping the scales
Or in sadness and confusion which in comparison pales
Or of a somewhere in the middle
That seems more or less balanced
But that, more often than not
Repeats feeling as if ruler or ruled of the palace
"Outside", you play
Of fulfillment not Being
And therefore being delayed
O Children of Mine
You portray
In games
Of hide and go seek
Of come out, come out, wherever you are
Love naught, only a little or afar
For from Me
From YourSelf
From All
Would you hide
If love you need seek
If circumstances alone give you peace
Dear Ones
All One
Such beauty You Are even I can't fully describe
For such are the limitations of communication in a physical life
Yet Now
Come "back" Home
To Me
To You, in truth
To Truth
Come inside instead to play
Come in from the rain
Not of the earth
But of your hurts
From your thoughts that distance, distort and disdain
O those Created As Whole
You, Dearest Ones
Are My Word

copyright (c) michael mayer 2007

Beloved Father, Love of my

Beloved Father, Love of my life, as nothing is unknown to you, so please read my heart now, for with all my heart I want to thank You for the sweetest poet You did send us, opening and toughing our hearts with Your divine never ending love.

Hi Berit and All as i was

Hi Berit and All :) as i was driving yesterday on the highway, I saw on the back of a truck an advertising sign that made me think of if God was saying it...."I never sleep, and yet, I'm always at rest, for I Am Peace, and You, My Children, having no need, Created As Free, You and I are the Same, and yet in a way I do sleep, for I am the human or animal that sleeps, or the rock or mineral, the land and the seas, all that is, and all that is Is Me, Awake, even in the midst of the dream...We are One, My Ones...In every aspect of the word" and though i am now adding a bit as i go along, this is more or less what i and thank you's to you and to all...mike:)