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As we hurry not so much to arrive
Wherever it is we wish to be
As we worry not so much to leave
Wherever it is we feel we need not be
Yet, as we sit or stand
As we walk or talk
In presence
Present within
Wherever it is we currently are
Then, have we truly arrived
Then, are we in perfect time
We Are
The Love that we never leave
The Joy we always shall be
The Peace we constantly did seek

copyright (c) michael mayer 2007

Dearest Mike, just wanted to

Dearest Mike, just wanted to send you a dear hug and wish you a fine day in God's loving arms.
All my love

TY Berit...much appreciated

TY Berit...much appreciated that you take the energy and time to express and share such great love...i feel it and am thankful...the same blessings and wishes for U and All in this group...for All...mike:) and a big shout out to Gloria for the same energy and time that allows such wondrous Heavenletters to come about as todays "Dreams and Desires" reverence...mike