Now, Beloveds, Now

God said:

When you see through My eyes, you will see beauty beyond that which you have ever seen or imagined. You would be dazzled, beloveds. At the same time, you would wonder why you didn't see all this beauty before. You will not understand how you could have passed by what was shining right before you. You will shake your head at the thought of what you could have seen yet did not. You will call yourself a knucklehead. You will shake your head long after you have run out of names to call yourself.

The point is that once you were blind, and now you can see. No matter what, this is cause for rejoicing and not for regret.

Beloveds, you will see beauty left and right. You will see beauty where you did not see beauty before. In darkness, beloveds, you will see beauty as never before. Now is the beauty, and now the beauty is yours.

Someone might say you were purified so you could see. I would say that you simply stepped onto a higher step. That doesn't take purification. It just takes moving your legs up one more step. It takes no more purification than it takes you to walk. What you have to do to reach a higher step is simply to walk up one more step.

Nothing has to hold you back. Certainly don't keep telling yourself that you have to wait. Look, I am telling you that you already have all the ingredients necessary. When you want a kite to fly, all you have to do is to let it go.

Beloveds, I am telling you that I am right outside your window. I am also telling you that I am right in your house. I am at your fingertips. I am within you. Where I AM, how then can beauty be not? Inasmuch as I am everywhere, then where is beauty not?

What makes you say you do not see Me and all the beauty of Creation because you are not yet ready? What makes you say that as an excuse? It has to be an excuse because I say you are ready! I say there is no limitation, and yet you surround yourself with limitation.

Beloveds, what makes you so ready to see fear and dread and ugliness? Why, you can spot fear a mile a way. And, yet, beauty that is right before you, sometimes you cannot see.

In a way, the situation you are in is the opposite of the emperor who wore no clothes. You are the emperor in a land of vast beauty, and you do not see it. It seems to you that no one sees it, not really.

You know that you have sometimes put down a glass of water or juice or milk, and you don't remember where you left it. You may look around the whole kitchen, and still not see it. But later, from perhaps a different angle, you see your glass on the counter where you had left it and had not seen it. Somehow your eyes glazed over your glass, and it had not penetrated to you what you were seeing. Indeed, it is the mind that your eyes see with.

You didn't see a glass, and, perhaps you did not see even the beauty of your mother's face until years later when she had left Earth.

Beauty unseen is simply beauty not yet seen. It is there yet unseen. What is unseen can be seen.

Maybe instead of your seeing close up, you have to see from further away. Maybe in order to see the Vastness, you have to see from Vastness. Or maybe you just have to step up a step without further dallying.

What I say you can do, you can do. And I say, "Now." I say, "Now, beloveds."

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Back to the Future

We are slowly emerging from our old mind and old "reptilian" programming. For long we have been looking for the Spirit, for God, for Ourself. We have done that by using our mind, our intellect, our schemes of knowledge which were mostly taught to us. We have analyzed everything and we still do. But analysis has not taken us very far into a deeper Knowlege of Reality. Analysis is based on words and words are not the Reality. They can carry vibration but they are not the vibration. God, Love, Light, Beauty are vibrations that words can hardly convey. We will never understand God with our mind because God and Beauty are not constructs. They can only be Experienced, otherwise it is only theory and rhetorics.

The only past that we should put in our future is our recollection, reminiscence of «What if, before you were born to Earth, I said to you: "Would you like to bless the world?"... In transit, you lost the directions».(HL #3290)

What do we have to loose? Ourself? Perhaps then it is a good thing to loose ourself. God says that we don't have to go through purification. We just have to take a step further. But before taking that further step, which is just before rediscovering Beauty and Happiness, we might experience a kind of debacle or collapse or confusion for a short while. Because we are already in Paradise and we just have to take that last gulp of duality in order to allow experience to come to us, to actualize itself in our life on Earth. Progress, as we generally perceive it, is an illusion. Let us just be convinced that we are going very well. Then past and future will become One with Present, with a single step.

The Emperor's Clothes

Good thoughts Gloria! Thank you! I've been busy pointing out to everyone who doesn't want to know that the Emperor has no clothes on...pointing out the ugly truth...instead of the good and the vaster picture which I'm trying to see and keep getting glimpses of...

perhaps you did not see even the beauty of your mother's face

Reading this message, my protesting mind got very active and somewhat loud, using its fingers to enumerate some of the more salient points of contention: About blind people whose vision was restored by some new medical procedure and who then got so confused by what they saw, so terrified, that they preferred to keep their eyes closed; about hearing the word "excuse" used for what feels like real paralysis and helplessness to you, feelings you can't just re-feel even if it turns out they are really made up – and so forth. But what is this protesting? It's trying to force God to finally say that which will (magically) enable me to cross that rickety-looking plank onto the Elysian Fields.

It's not working. Do I want to be right? I don't. And so I come back once again to the decision that God is right whether I see it or not, whether I doubt it or not. I have made that decision before. I want it to be final now. Finality would make everything so very simple. As simple as this:

Someone might say you were purified so you could see. I would say that you simply stepped onto a higher step. That doesn't take purification.

You know, dear God, how much I love it when You say things like this that lovingly undo millennia of trying (through purification etc.) to extort that which is and always was freely given. I know we couldn't have done it any other way, but I also know I'm happy beyond words it's ending. What is it that's ending? I believe You revealed it to me a while ago when I read (in Heaven #1053):

While you like the idea of free will, you like to connect the dots, and so you put yourself in a maze from which there is no exit.

Connecting dots is supposed to give some orientation, to make life easier and more manageable. Now I'm told (and immediately remember I always knew) that it only ensures life in a maze from which there is no exit. No exit! Philosophy, biology, numerology, geology, geomanticts, neuroscience, spirituality, anthropology, theology, quantum mechanics, astrology, psychology, gematria, chimpanzee genome project and every other brand of physical, mental and spiritual dot-connecting – – – no exit!

Of course, I catch myself connecting dots again and again. But the longing in my heart for all dots remaining unconnected is growing, the longing for free fall in God.

And so, even though He has said to not even wait for Him, I wait for His daily message and then look what happens. Sometimes it seems to be nothing in particular, sometimes it feels like disappointment or even disapproval and some hardening on my part (I know He smiles and never takes offence), and sometimes, as we all know, it's absolutely exhilarating and inspiring. With this particular Love Letter, I started at the lower end and now, after slowly reading and rereading it, I feel on a par with it.

What I say you can do, you can do. And I say, "Now." I say, "Now, beloveds."

Enjoy readings the Heavenly

Enjoy readings the Heavenly Letters. When the mind goes astray, caught up in the surroundings or the environment, these letters bring the mind back. Remembering that the Creator is within all being of the universe.
The Creator is within every blade of grass, grain of sand, every human being. Every atom of the universe.

Thank you for your assistance. With many Blessings of Light and Love Joan

Maybe in order to see the

Maybe in order to see the Vastness, you have to see from Vastness

It seems just a little difference.
I am already in Vastness so what I see is Vastness? If you tell me YES I will rejoice. And if you tell me YES I will understand why you tell us "the moment is now"

Gloria tells the whole story of NOW

Yes, I know it's not really Gloria but it sure smells like her.

God tells us through her that unseen beauty can be seen. Yes, but only in the now.

How do you get there? You can't get to the very place you're at!

Oh yes, you do have to learn the power of stillness. How do you learn stillness in such a busy world?

I can remember burping my babies and listening to their tiny growling tummies. The more intense my listening, the deeper was the silence.

Well, what's the lesson? Burp that baby being born in you at this very moment and you'll get quiet enough to hear It's first Words. You'll see. This letter sums it up for us: "What I say you can do, you can do. And I say, "Now." Now beloveds." What a summary!


Continuing the dialogue

Dear God, here is what I hear You saying, today, through Gloria, in this Heavenletter.

You assure us that eventually we will all see through Your eyes, we will see beauty that will delight and dazzle us everywhere we look. Of course, we want to know how and when our vision will be restored.

You discuss the ideas that have held us back. You mention that one mistaken idea is that we must wait, that we are not quite ready. For millennia, many of our religions have taught that purification and sacrifice are necessary before we will be worthy. I hear You telling us that we were never “impure” in Your sight in the first place, and You never asked for our sacrifices. These, then, are our own limiting ideas that we must let go of, excuses we should just drop.

You also tell us that we are somehow primed “to see fear and dread and ugliness” instead of the beauty that always surrounds us. Certainly I have seen my share of ugliness and certainly I want to change this. Your metaphor of the unseen glass resonates with some of my experience. I think we all have one time or other looked in a cupboard and not seen the item on the front of the middle shelf when we were searching for it. This insight seems to be a step in the right direction, pointing us toward trying new strategies like moving things around on the cupboard shelves, so to speak.

Your main answer, the key, seems to be that: “Indeed, it is the mind that your eyes see with.” I take this to mean that it is our thoughts and beliefs that create our habits of seeing and which are responsible for our blindness. By implication, it is our habits of thought we must modify.

I love the way you end your letters with positive messages. You tell us that just because we do not see the beauty, this does not mean it is not there. In addition, You tell us that that a change in perspective is what we need. You say: “Maybe in order to see the Vastness, you have to see from Vastness.” And You say we can do this now, there exists no need to wait. But still, I feel a need for more direction.

I tend to agree with Normand when he says: “We will never understand God with our mind because God and Beauty are not constructs. They can only be Experienced, otherwise it is only theory and rhetorics.” But how do we better go about gaining this experience? Normand suggests: “Let us just be convinced that we are going very well.” For me, at least, this does not seem to be enough. I am convinced that, indeed, all is going well, no matter how it may seem at any moment, but this hasn’t brought about the experience of seeing through Your eyes. Perhaps at times, but not consistently.

I also have to agree with Jochen, that, so far: “It’s not working.” I am quite sure, though, that You agree with this assessment. If I recall correctly, You have said that if any one of us would begin to see things through Your eyes, the entire world would be transformed by the power of this vision. Since it doesn’t seem to be completely transformed as yet, I conclude that not one of us is there yet. I guess we are all in the same boat in this, not just me, Normand and Jochen.

I agree with Patrizia that it does seem to be just a little difference to gain a higher perspective, but this little difference seems to promise a huge, beneficial impact.

Thank You for Your continued re-assurance, through these letters, that all continues to go well and that Your will cannot fail to Be. Your loving son……..Chuck

Dear Chuck, I could not

Dear Chuck, I could not agree more on your continuing dialog and indeed we are all on the same ship.

But we have to remind ourselves that human conditionning for millenia has convinced us that we are not creators. So we tend to wait to SEE before BELIEVING and since our sight is emprisoned in the physical 3D reality, we hardly see what is beyond 3D. We have to BELIEVE first in order to SEE because believing is envisionning what we want to create. And belief is more in the domain of the Now and the Vastness than in the domain of 3D.

All of us are craving to receive more precise "directions" but God seems always to send us back to our homework, our drawing board in saying that there are no directions, that we acquire vision by looking. No living Master is performing miracles in front of our eyes and teaching us how to do them. And the Masters would probably answer us (as Jesus did in his time): "who do you think gave me directions?». In 3D, it sounds like a vicious circle. How can there be directions in the Now and the Vastness?

But to be able to Look and See, our mind needs to be at rest, to be put to Silence. And this idea of «Let us just be convinced that we are going very well" might be much more challenging than we think. Because without that basic state of confidence of "mind" or "heart", we maintain ourself in duality, which is in the expectation mode, which is linear time.

It is only in Silence and in a Silent perspective that I really believe in what I write. When I get back to my mind, it seems and tastes only words! I reckon that to access to limitlessness we first have to accept our limits and welcome them in our heart. And we have to do our own continued re-assurance. I guess weI have to be "out of our mind" to accomplish that.

What a nice, enjoyable read,

What a nice, enjoyable read, Chuck, so close to what is actually said here – it's like a guided tour around this Havenletter where I can sit back and have the sights pointed out to me. This seems to be a creative state of mind, because when you spoke about the items in our cupboards, the thought flashed across my mind that our experiences of not seeing are what makes us want to see. It almost feels like "Thank you, blindness." "What", I thought, "if unseeingness isn't bad at all, just one of those many many calls we issue to ourselves?" The next idea was: "What if there is nothing wrong with our minds and habits of thinking? What if nothing has to change or be done because simply following Heavenletters will automatically wean us of taking things so seriously and wanting to connect dots?"

Of course, Chuck, I feel the "need for more direction" as much as you do. But there are sentences in Heavenletters, I'm sure you have had that experience, that suddenly penetrate to a place you would never reach through strategies and right thinking. For me it is this sentence in this Letter: In darkness, beloveds, you will see beauty as never before. I don't even quite understand what it means, but I feel very distinctly that it's leading mit one step closer to what I know. I try to trust that process and not interfere through strategies – which is as difficult for me as its seems to be for almost everyone.

Finally, Chuck, it appears to me that "the entire world transformed" does not have to be a collective, and collectively agreed upon, phenomenon. My world is transformed through my seeing differently. Not everyone may consciously notice, and yet it is not just a subjective experience. I feel it, the world feels it, everyone and everything somehow feels it, and that little feeling difference makes all the difference.

The one way out of any (apparent) maze of dots connected is moving your legs up one more step.

It's early morning where I am, and I find myself happily typing away alongside your stimulating reflections. I think I'll stop now. Thanks, brother.

Seeing in darkness and hearing in silence

Thanks, Normand and Jochen, for your wonderful and stimulating comments. They make me want to write and explore further.

Normand, you write: “It is only in Silence and in a Silent perspective that I really believe in what I write.”

Jochen, you highlight this statement from the letter: “In darkness, beloveds, you will see beauty as never before".

Normand, in your comment I sense a mood of uncertainty about perceiving in silence. Jochen, you clearly state your uncertainty about seeing in darkness. I agree with you both and have often wondered about these and similar statements in Heavenletters. Putting these two thoughts together: Could it be that we being directed to somehow see and hear with our heart rather than our physical eyes and physical ears? Can we see light that is not manifested in photons and sound that is not manifested in vibrating molecules of earth air?

Thanks again, guys, your comments are incredibly helpful………Chuck

You hit the bull's eye,

You hit the bull's eye, Chuck. Observing myself, I see myself starting "the engine" of awareness when I put my mind to silence. Then slowly through the day, the mind catches up with control and shut down the engine. Then I have to restart it. Uncertainty of the mind is the water that extinguish the match. I just wish like any one else that eventually the engine will start running for good without interruption.

And yes, I think also that this uncertainty is related to fact that we don't know how to deal with the Invisible. Light itself is an expression of the Invisible. Invisible is also Silence. Our heart probably feels very comfortable, at peace and at rest in the Unseen and the Unheard. But the mind can't stand it. There must be a clue here...

seeing in darkness

Yes, Chuck, but perhaps there is no "rather than". I feel it's both, and there is no reall difference, it only looks different after eons of not quite hearing and seeing what heart hears and sees. Physical and spiritual, manifest and unmanifest – it's the same. Please bear in mind that these are just feelings I have, hunches. Here's another: Your questions are valid, but we are not meant to find that out, we are not meant to grope for that kind of security before we knock on God's door. We are meant to listen, to look, to love, to be happy as best we can with our whole being, and knowing about photons or not photons is not going to help us one whit.

And Normand, I have to say something similar about silence and about mind. Silence is. As someone who was into Zen for many years, today I say: No need to silence mind, just listen past its chatter; silence and chatter will turn out to be one. Denigrating mind is another trap. It's not that mind "can't stand it". It agreed to keep things apart, to create the illusion of separation, and to keep it up until the longing for that which is anyway, for unity, will burst all barriers.

Goodness, today I said a little more than I truly know from within. Please bear with me.

Dear Jochen, I won't go into

Dear Jochen, I won't go into the details of your reply because we'll definitely sink into lenghty rhetorics. I don't think this Heavenletter forum is meant to set the minds straight, especially in terms of words, wordings and concepts. We are all experiencing the turmoils of awakening and their is no scale to measure where each stands in the curriculum of awareness. The only think we hope to do is to communicate, not our experience, but insights, images, symbols, metaphors, feelings of that experience—and we all know that language is very tricky, but we have to live with it—. Then readers find or not affinities with those insights, they vibrate or not with them. Each one and everyone has to create his/her own scale to measure his steps in the curriculum of awareness. And I don't think that God evaluates us on the number of years of experience no matter in what field, would it be music, nuclear physics, or Zen meditation.

As an illustration of that, we just have to read HL #3293. God does not speak only of body and mind, but also of intellect, mental activity, heart, soul and Over Soul. I think we will need a glossary from now on.

With all my respect.

like nightingales

The more we approach Truth the more the difficulty with verbal language. A glossary would be useful, but then we should upgrade it almost daily. We should all be able to sing like nightingales to communicate more efficaciously. Gladly I see that here we are all aware that there is much more than meet the words and this is a good basis to speak from.

I'm sorry, Normand. I don't

I'm sorry, Normand. I don't understand what you want to communicate in your response, but I'm sorry anyway. Something I said must have been inappropriate. I'll try to avoid it. I'm sure I will not "sink into lengthy rhetorics", so it's all right to simply say what you feel like saying.

Sometimes the enthusiasm I feel about the heretofore unimaginable vastness of freedom Heavenletters present runs off with me, and in my ecstatic joy at the dropping off of all those shackles – knowledge, dot-connecting, analyzing, practicing, all those shoulds and oughts and have-tos – I may get a little inconsiderate even though I always feel in very close contact with Heavenletters (or a particular Heavenletter like #1053), sometimes to the point of feeling replaced by them.

I will watch out more, but it may still happen again. What can you do?

No worries Jochen. I did not

No worries Jochen.
I did not understand either what you really meant to communicate to Chuck and I in your response. I know I do enjoy the ideas of photons and black holes. So let's break even.

photons and black holes

But I'm not opposed to enjoying ideas, Normand, not at all. I only insist they have nothing to do with Heavenletters, which is why I like to suggest that we at least keep the difference clear, avoiding the possible misunderstanding that superstrings and black energy or chakra clearing, mind control and vegetarianism might be somehow connected with finding our place in God's heart. Nothing has any bearing on finding our place in God's heart. That's really the whole of what I'm trying to say.

Dear Jochen, if Gloria

Dear Jochen, if Gloria agrees with your statement, then I will certainly do what my conscience tells me to.


Please, Normand, spell this out for me.

Did you get the impression I want to make guidelines on what may be discussed here and what may not? Would you believe me when I say I do not? Can we not simply disagree on one count or two and still enjoy our shared love for Heavenletters without feeling opposition? I sincerely hope we can.

Chuck's clincher

I am convinced that, indeed, all is going well, no matter how it may seem at any moment, but this hasn’t brought about the experience of seeing through Your eyes. Perhaps at times, but not consistently.

This really says what I wished I'd said. How nice and how very right. Keep it up!


need for clarity

The need for clarity has always been one of my peculiarities, until I realized that, very easily, in order to make it clear, I was falling in dualism, right or wrong, good or bad and so on. I understand very well this need to avoid any misunderstanding, it is the fear to get lost, it was and still is my fear. Then Heavenletters arrived and I heard for the first time that all is well, that there isn't any possible misunderstanding, everything is appropriate, no man is lead astray from his place in God's heart. We just have to enjoy each other company, and I do love yours so much!

Emilia, Normand, Jochen, Pitta, Sasha, Gloria

Each of your beautiful expressive MINDS form a collective DIALOGUE of such depth and beauty that a comment would suggest the impossible. It's sort of like trying to decided the packaging of the power and shape within an acorn that soon starts it's journey to becoming the giant oak tree that is hidden in some way in it's inner recesses.

You let me sneak a peak at what's in each of you while retaining the mask that carefully hides the mighty oak in each of you. Wow, such beauty comes from the way God expresses its SELF through Gloria. I'm staggered, bewildered, and delighted.


Yes Georges, let's us keep

Yes Georges, let's us keep it simple and see it as an overflowing of 'enthousiasm". God has plenty of room for that.


Norman's Gloing in the dark

With Normand's words my heart sings "Glow Little Glowworm, glimmer, glimmer..."

Your words light my path.


Freedom, trust and respect

I feel a little responsible for the bit of friction that I sense may have developed in response to how I chose to word some of my comments.

I have nothing but respect and admiration for all those who post on this forum. But, sometimes irritation is bound to arise, it is part of who we are, it is inevitable in the transformation we are taking part in. We cannot help but be challenged by the depth and penetration of the observations and statements in the Heavenletters and the comments.

We all have a different way of looking at everything. It is part of our uniqueness. Let us cherish and respect our differences, always, and allow the freedom of their frank expression. As we express our truths, in whatever words we choose, let us trust that what motivates our words is always from the heart and offered with good intentions.

I am so grateful for everyone here……Chuck

Chuck and friction

Talk about curiosity, wonderment about what on earth is that beautiful man talking about?

Chuck, your open statements about truth as it seizes or rolls in your head is never about friction in my mind, heart, stomach, bowels, or last and least my intellect.

The way you analyze is fun and makes me wish I were young again. I'm a chess player and chess teacher of the past. There was never friction. You, Chuck, always move the right pieces in the right way according to my way of reading. I'd hate it if you stopped being Chuck geb.

My king's always in danger but if he falls dead from a disclosed bishop, or sneaky knight, or unnoticed rook I just laugh at being out-smarted.

You never gave me the feeling that you had any of that kind of motive. Your word came from an open, gentle, caring heart. I wouldn't blame you for resisting the obvious ploy for pity when my old, tired body forgets how to work, but even I know that's an 85 year old syndrome that I earned. I have nothing but appreciation for all the time you give us. Thanks Chuck


2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said in your mind
Nothing has to hold you back
Not even excuse

God said now you can
This is cause for rejoicing
And you are ready

Love, Light and Aloha!