Blessing of God

God said:

What if you are blessing tossed on Earth? What if your real name is Blessing, Blessing from God, Blessing of God, Blessing to God, Blessing to bless all in the radius of the world and beyond.

What if you are, indeed, an angel on Earth? What then, beloveds? What then? How would you regard yourself then?

What if, before you were born to Earth, I said to you: "Would you like to bless the world?"

And you said to Me, "Oh, yes." And you bowed your head, and I kissed the top of your head and gave you blessings and directions for a good journey.

In transit, you lost the directions. You forgot your mission. Nevertheless, there was like a thumbprint left, and your heart is stirred to know what.

You may have started to think that you were thrown out of the nest, and you don't know why.

You forgot you were in great service to Me. You forgot you were to embody Me. And, so, you struggled to find a way, finding, for some time ways, that are not yours.

You tried on clothes, and nothing quite fit. Something would not be quite right. Perhaps the shoulders. Perhaps a cuff. Perhaps a pocket you kept your hands in. Perhaps you wore a suit that was popular, and yet it was not really your style. You spent your whole life on Earth trying to figure out who you were and what you were doing there. You forgot the purpose of your life.

Perhaps you were like a cowboy, and you didn't know what to lasso.

Perhaps you were like a hunter. You didn't know what you were supposed to hunt, and you couldn't find your spear or whatever it was you were to hunt with.

Perhaps you sat down on a hillock. With a vague memory, you looked up at the sky, and you did wonder what was beyond that which your eyes could see.

You forgot the words I said to you, and you memorized words from others who also didn't know what they were doing on Earth.

It was a cloudy life, and the sun couldn't seem to break through. The sun was shining all the time, only you didn't see it clearly through the mist. You saw, perhaps, shadows of the sun darkly.

And the sun's rays started to peek through. You began to see them. It was like an awakening. Everything was the same, only you saw it differently. You saw the Heavens' opening up, and so you opened. Which came first? The Heavens' opening or your eyes opening? Which came last when there is no last?

Oh, beloveds, you are just beginning to look at your surroundings. You are surrounded by yourself. It was yourself you were trying to lasso. It was yourself you were hunting all along. The spear you could not find was a spear of love. The lasso was a rope of love. All along you were Jack and the Beanstalk climbing to Heaven where the only giant is love.

You looked into the stream of love and saw yourself. Also, if you saw a towering giant, it was yourself you saw. Whatever you saw, it was a shade of yourself.

As you kept looking at the sun, you began to remember your roots, and you climbed them, as it were, and entered the Heaven you never left except as you thought so.

At the beginning of this venture on Earth, you were right that you didn't know where you were and what you were supposed to be doing here. Now you are beginning to remember, and you are beginning to know where you are and what you are doing here and Who you are. Your astonishment is great. And, yet, why are you astonished at what you have always deeply known?

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remember: What if, before

What if, before you were born to Earth, I said to you: "Would you like to bless the world?"
And you said to Me, "Oh, yes."

..but then:
"You forgot the purpose of your life."

thank You for :
"Now you are beginning to remember, and you are beginning to know where you are and what you are doing here and Who you are."

blessing to bless,

a spear of love

How many the dreams of not knowing what anything really means, of clothes not fitting, of being in exams unprepared, of having no idea what you are supposed to hunt nor how to use you instruments nor even where they are – and all the time having to act as if you knew what you were about or you wouldn't ... belong.

It seems the dream interpreters are wrong when they try to correlate dream content with indiviual or even collective biography. Well, they couldn't have known better. Who could have known anything, stumbling about in the mist?

All the more astonishing, now that the mists seem to want to part, that I remember I know what life feels like when the sun is out. Strangely, I don't have a word for it. The ones I know look rather pale. Which doesn't matter, of course. What matters is to be there more.

"Your astonishment is great"

Now and then I fear to wake up from this unimaginable dream and, oh, I coudn't bear to stay one single moment on earth without my dreaming of You. Now You are more real than anything else around me, as a matter of fact I feel I am living in a trance state.
All the wandering was not a wandering at all, how perfect every turn on my street has been, how appropriate all bewilderments, how blessed every sorrow, longing, loneliness, cry. You were leading my way and I have been clear enough all along to keep following Your track. Why then do I still doubt of Me?

dear God, thank of your

dear God,
thank of your words,
most of people say and i can hear them
am just like a engel but am ignor them may be
is not trught but somtimes i fel that way,
my heart it fell like a wing and also i fell
a bless of my life, so i have to give the share
to the outher your bless you give to me,
and am always giveng i am not kepping
and thank of your blessing you give to me,

Beloved Carmen, and what

Beloved Carmen, and what blessings you give to us in your words here on this forum.

Beloved Carmen gives us wings

Sweet Carmen, you help us fly to heaven


thank giveng

thank to all you give antention of my post
george just only i say my words oppen your heart
and you have to share the outher and what God
giveng to you a gift you have to share the outher
to is that the way you can fell bless in your life
and you can fell your heart like fly to heaven,

oh my sweet freind Gloria thank your post of me,
and i want to thank so much to God and you
writteng of all letter of God,
and i want to thank giveng to evry one,

and thank you pitta ypou antention of me my post

Dearest and sweet

Dearest and sweet Carmen,
every day I read your comments and remain without words. Your freshness, joy and love are my spot, for when I will reach your point every thought will fly away. I am sure you are an angel. Thankyou to be here

"You are my Sun Shine, My Only Sunshine..."

It's such a miracle to awaken to who you always were.
It's such a miracle to listen to the reverberations of the old song: "You Are My Sun Shine..."
I marvel that the Light of the World shines through Gloria this Thanksgiving season in such a way as to make the melodies of heaven a part of our consciousness. Sweet one we are eternally grateful to God who loves to dance in your "red" shoes.


It's few days I think about

It's few days I think about something I would say to Gloria: last night words came to me easly but in the morning they were miss! So, dear George, for my difficulty in English I bring your words for Gloria like mine too. It'a a great blessing .

Beloved George, it is indeed

Beloved George, it is indeed a marvel that somehow God's words come through me! It could not have been predicted. I pinch myself every day to make sure! And then I can hardly believe it!

Now, George, if you don't stop it, Heavenreaders will think there is something going on between us. Of course, there is. It's the same thing that is going on with Jochen, Anco, Normand, Pitta, Carmen, Emilia, Lynda and more. Must be God's love.

Tell George to stop breatheing

Gloria Darling you ask me to stop. Stop doing what? I can't help getting blessed when I hear God's Word pure and clear flow unhindered through you. I want the world to know that a one eyed, 85 year old man sees right through you to the achashic record, or the Holy Word, or the darling Course in Miracles, or to Buddha ideas. Miarian Wiliamson does the same sort of thing her way.

Sure, I'm grounded in Hebrew and Greek by use of a good concordance and dictionary. I've written and been published and know how to evaluate a fraud when I see it. You have an honest simplicity and openness that makes the Forum a delightful place to think and learn.

Everyone knows, or should know that I don't have much earth time left. I'll say darling to Emilia, Carmen or Hula Hoop, or to you because when God scoops us into His divine lap He calls us all his darlings. I'll have to find a word for Jochen, Chuck, and all the other men who say the real deep things. I just babble a few quaint things. They have the hours to really say deeply profound things about what God puts through that sweet, busy head of yours to bring out their responses. Sure, my darling wife of 64 years put love into my way of talking. So what?

Love is safe, fun, funny, misunderstood, and sells Turkeys at Thanksgiving. So? I love you even if you think I should change something or other.


Hardly quaint

Dearest George, I have to disagree that you say a few quaint things. At least not quaint in any negative way. Your words are full of love and deep insight. We are all better off for your willingness to share your beautiful thoughts with us so directly. I can't think of a better person to try to emulate. With love and admiration of all you have accomplished.....Chuck

Chuck's profile tells all

Chuck I've taken the time to read again the profound, beautiful, deep words you use to tell us who lives in your form. You need to read it again to see how penetrating it is to those who live most of their lives in the middle of the bed in a sleepy trance of what they think is life.

I am proud of some of what life has permitted me to enjoy. Following Gen. Douglas Mac-Arthur into many Philippine Islands, being a medic at Iwo Jima, picking up troops at Guam, and many other islands. I was unwilling to carry a gun, but wanted to help. The leaders could see that I had the heart of a medic and could learn to sew them up or cover them up. The occupation of Japan was great.

My time at the University of Chicago, and University of California were fun. Now my life seems restfully busy giving my body permission to Rest. It has served me well but is tired. A stroke took out my right side so walking is a challenge. Your gentle words brought out this tiny biographical picture of me. Love


A fascinating life

George, I just have to ask. You certainly shouldn't feel complelled to answer, but I would love to know more about you. Were you always so spiritually minded? For instance, back in the war, I guess you must have been in your early twenties, what did you conceive of your purpose in life? Did your insights and knowledge develop slowly throughout your life, or were there certain expereinces that powerfully helped form who you are today? I hope I am not prying, but I suspect others would love to hear these answers also. Thanks, again, for your comments......Chuck

Chuck's question to George

Chuck I am totally flabbergasted to think that it is possible that I'm sort of mystical.
I assumed every one had a "voice" that spoke clearly in their head about dreams, questions, and had times of deep silence during which music played.
Sure I was sort of religious, but not "churchy". I didn't want to handle guns but wanted to help America so I leaned how to be a medic. At Iwo Jima I was just a teenager. (19)
I had a tiny, short, fat Swedish mom and a thin, darkish part American Indian dad who knew the meaning of wisdom, love, laughter. In the great depression he worked for the WPA but managed to feed us without worry or anger. My mother had 8 births but only four of us survived. I was the last to come along and replaced my brother who had died of chickenpox and measles. When I came along my folks gave me his name and my surviving sisters loved me, played with me and helped my mother spoil me. I did have a teacher who came to me in many dreams, always in a grey suit, always gentle and told me things. I was sure everyone had one. When I was teaching I felt my purpose involved kids. When I taught at Seton Hall University my purpose was to help teachers learn how to reach the heart of kids. Now that you bring it to my attention my conviction is that my chemistry is all to blame. My next birthday I'll be 85. I've never been in a fight, my beautiful boys have never been in a fight, One teaches Yoga at Bucks County College, the other is a builder. I think I'm blessed. I'm blessed to sort of know a Chuck Gebhart.


Have to agree with you 100%

Have to agree with you 100% Chuck. George definitely does not just babble a few quaint things

George your words are always full of wisdom, wonder, and beauty.


2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Who you are
You are indeed an angel
Your name is Blessing

God said good journey
It is an awakening
Your venture on Earth

Love, Light and Aloha!