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HEAVEN #1883 Let This Eve Be a Dawn December 31, 2005

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HEAVEN #1883 Let This Eve Be a Dawn December 31, 2005

God said:

Let this eve be a dawn of new recognition for you. You have the God-given ability to be the pure light that was Christ. Everyone has this ability. If you could but believe. If you could but know. Divinity was not reserved for Christ. It was not reserved for Buddha. It was and is for everyone.

Is not My love for everyone? What is My love not capable of? If you could but believe in My love, and that I give it to you and you have it, what then, beloveds, what then? Let this be a New Year of celebration of what matters.

You have the ability to burst through imaginary bonds. You have the ability to nourish the world. You have the ability to heal illusion. Yes, illusion needs to be healed.

I have placed a Sword of Love in your hands, a sword that will cut through anything, and you do not see what is in your hand. You may see your hand as empty. You have even seen your heart as empty. You have seen everything but the Truth of the fullness of love. It is easier for you to see Truth in Christ and others than in yourself. Yourself, you have hidden under a toadstool. Arise now.

Do not think that it is from humility that you see yourself as less than worthy. It is from arrogance, beloveds. Is it not arrogance to think you know more than I? It is not humility that says: "Oh, no, God, I'm a dunce and a lackey. I am a dolt." It is not humility that questions and defers his God-given ability to light up the world.

Whatever the past has been, you are not limited by it.

You are limited by your vision alone.

It is not that I suggest you start a new world religion or walk the Earth and wear white robes. I urge you to reconsider your propensity for love and the light it radiates. Release the love from your heart. You have stilted it. You have confined it. You have kept it put away for safe-keeping. Release it now.

Let the flower of your heart blossom.

There are no seasons when it comes to the heart. You need not wait for spring in order for your heart to bloom. Nothing has to be waited for.
Only you. Only you, My beloveds, hold things up.

Release all that which keeps you bound to worn-out ways that serve not you nor the universe. Let go of your present foothold on Earth. You would like to march on familiar paths when there are new pathways for you to forge.

Oh, truly, every day is a day of birth for you. Begin anew. Change out of those old thoughts you've been wearing. Put something new on.

Like a house, you can be made like new. A little scrubbing here. A little fresh paint there. A little straightening out here and there. Stand up straight? Remember that you are My fantastic creation.

You are not a threadbare carpet that is walked on over and over again, nor is your divinity something to be swept under the rug.

You are a God creation. I created you. You did not create yourself.
Do not be blinded to the light that you are filled with. I did not make a mistake to create you. Any mistakes are in your perception. Perceptions can change. Yours must.

Think not so much about yourself. Think beyond yourself and credit yourself more, and credit Me, and credit creation. Christ turned his attention to Me and to the world. And so he became Christ. And so he gave great light. Look, his light is shining still.

Copyright@ 12-31-05

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