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HEAVEN #1882 The Beat of One Heart December 30, 2005

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HEAVEN #1882 The Beat of One Heart December 30, 2005

God said:

The body takes its cues from your thinking. The body is a chattel of Being. Your mind is like a crayon in your hand, and its thoughts color your body, sometimes drawing shadows.

Being is irrespective of the body. From Beingness, thoughts arise.
There is many a slip between the cup of Being and the lip of thinking. Your thoughts come from your Being, but your mind dribbles thoughts away in variant directions. Being is key, and Being rests in your heart.

Your heart is meant to be the Admiral, but your mind too often has become a self-important Captain that walks the deck. O beloveds, your mind is sharp. It sharpens itself. It hones and carves, works many angles, while your heart, valet of Being, simply wants to beat out Our tune.

Your beleaguered heart clenches itself and feels pain. You know that pain is not Being and cannot be associated with it, and yet your heart hurts. The beat of Our Beautiful Heart has been covered up by brambles of the mind. Your mind has pulled your heart and twisted it like a rope of licorice.

We could say that your mind absconded with your heart. It has taken it for a ride. The mind returns your heart, as it always must. Your heart returns disheveled, however, and feels bewildered. Your mind was not intended to take advantage of your heart. Your beloved heart is not separate from peace. It is your thoughts that cause disturbance. Your mind plays those broken records over and over again.

Beloveds, I gave you your mind. I honored your mind by giving it to you. But a heart led by a mind is a misguided heart. Confess, unless your heart is serene, the mind has misguided it. Do not feel you have to defend your mind. Your mind takes care of itself very well. It needs no defender.
Your mind speaks for itself very well.

It is your heart that has been too still. Your heart has churned in dismay, and yet has not spoken up. It has not said to your inquiring mind:

"Enough. Enough. Be silenced now. Let me speak. God assigned me to speak louder than you. Yet you have taken over, commandeered me, whispered untruths, and not let me get a word in edgewise.

Your heart has not said to your mind:

"Every impulse of mine, every beat of mine -- you have banged a drum and drowned me out. You have had your way, mind. You have had your day. But now, forevermore, return to your side of the ring, and I, God's heart, will ring the bell. How happy I am when you stay in your place. No longer am I going to dance to your tune. If, my mind, you must speak, it will be when I tell you to. I do not wish your sentry of my heartbeat any longer. I beat love, and you would caution me. You would teach me worry. You would have me fret over this and that, as if everything were of equal importance.

"Mind, I realize that you are innocent too. You are simply a parrot who repeats what it has heard while I, I am a Bird of Paradise. No longer will you crop my wings. I am meant to fly, and fly I will without help from you. No longer will you pull me along like a tin can on a string. Watch me fly. Stop your nonsense, and we will fly together. We will ascend to the Heavens. We will procure the Sun. Together we will be a mighty light. Mind, you are meant to be like the moon, and to reflect the light that God lit in me."

Copyright@ 12-30-05

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