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HEAVEN #1884 Being of Eternity January 1, 2006

HEAVEN #1884 Being of Eternity January 1, 2006

God said:

This day of newness is a day like any other day except you have marked it on your calendar as a day of renewal for the universe. A New Year can only mean a universe new to your eyes. There is no other meaning. The rebirth of the world today is your rebirth as well. The rebirth comes from you, beloveds.

Every day on Earth is meant to be a new year in which you arise fresh from the lake of My heart. Every day is new, only My children do not always catch up fast enough. What you do not catch up fast enough to is the Reality of the universe as created in the early days. You hold on to a tag end of creation, a torn hem of it, and you call that reality when it is really a hoax you perpetrate on yourself. It is not reality at all. It is a fiction you buy into. It is like something you buy at the store, and when you get home, it doesn’t work. Perhaps a part was missing, or it was a poor article you bought.

A small part of life is only a small part of life. Only life entire is life entire. One piece of the pie is not the whole pie. You have built castles on a fragment or figment of life.

It is a new day when you catch a new train of thought. It is a new day when you open your eyes and see what is before you and what is beyond first sight.

Look again. Take your eyes off the dark images of life and start focusing on the beauty of life. That’s all you need to do. Notice the beauty of snow on leaves. That is its own beauty. Trees do not always have to wear flowers in order to be beautiful. A winter tree holds great promise. Consider, beloveds, when you get past the urgency of time in the world, then a tree is ever in bloom, and even the shadows of the world point out bright light.

You must depart from the ravages that a world of time has set upon you. If there were no time, what would life then be? It would be Eternity which is the Truth, beloveds. You are riding in Eternity. You have divided Eternity into cut-off sections, and you have held the sections in great esteem. These sections ration your life out in little bits, taking attention away from the Vastness that is truly you. And you are not only the wholeness of you. You are also the wholeness of the universe. The universe is contained within you. You are the acorn who is the seed of the tree. You are the acorn of the universe. You, beloveds, are the one song I sing.

I threw one acorn into the fire, and from it all of the world burst forth like popcorn. You were born in the first moment of creation. Nothing was missing from Our creation. You knew the Oneness of life, and you sang its verse, and its verse was love. Over imagined time, you distanced yourself from your Origin. You have forgotten that you were born before time was thought of. You came to think that you were a personage of time rather than a Being of Eternity. You lowered your lids, and thought that what you saw was all there was to see. Lift up your eyes now and begin to see what you have not seen. It is for you to see. The Holiness of creation is here so that you may see it and embrace it in its entirety and leave nothing out.