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HEAVEN #1873 A Constant Noel December 21, 2005

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HEAVEN #1873 A Constant Noel December 21, 2005

God said:

Words printed out on a page are words. No matter how much life they contain, no matter what story they tell, they are just words. The words conjure up thoughts in your head, and a story unfolds. The story, the feelings, the characters have leapt from one mind to another's. And yet the story printed on the page is not the whole story.

Your life on Earth is merely your life on Earth. Your life on Earth is like the printed page. It is only that. Your life on Earth is merely what appears to transact here. It is only a piece of history, however, a stitch in the cloth, but it is not the cloth entire.

There is a story behind the story. This is where life really happens. This is where you exist regardless of your story on Earth, regardless of how it transpires, how it seemingly begins or how it seemingly ends, and all the in-betweens.

What is written on a chalkboard is what is written on the chalkboard. That is all it can be. It is not the Truth of your life. It is not the unfolding of your life entire. It is just one fold, draped as it were, on a chalkboard.

You are a Being of great power. Yet you are too modest. To be humble isn't to scuff your feet on the floor with your head down. To be humble is to recognize the great power you are made of, to know you were given it in service to Humankind, to know it is a Greater Power bestowed on you that, in all humility, you use. We can say you use it in gratitude to Me. Your gratitude is, of course, Mine, and I am grateful for the unfolding of My dreams. You unfold them, and I am grateful for your Greatness in doing so.

Our Will is One. Humility is in performing My Will which, at the same time, is yours, and which you will know very well.

The world does not have to know your Greatness which is Mine. They don't have to know you at all. World recognition is a trifling. I am speaking of your recognition of your Self and how you honor your Self in the world.

There is no non-Self, beloveds, yet you have parried in the world as if there were, as if the world were made of non-Selves, and so negativity was born. Imagine, if the world recognized its Oneness, how the contrivances of the world would change.

Imagine a world where you were everyone, and everyone was you, where everyone knew their Oneness with Me, and knew, not only that they are possessed of great power, but that the Great Power resides deeply within their very Being. Tell me, what then could not be accomplished in the second it takes to think of it? Do you see how you would come closer to your Greatness and the use of it? Do you see how, by your consensus, My dreams would come true? They would come true by the very fact that all the hearts and souls on Earth would acknowledge the validity of My dreams as theirs.

The Christmas dream of peace on Earth and Good Will to Men would be what everyone would see for himself, and thus the dream of peace would be fulfilled, first in your heart and then caroled all over the world in a constant noel of Our One Love.

Copyright@ 12-21-05

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